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baby gender quiz

Our fun quiz uses old wives' tales and pregnancy myths from around the world to predict the gender of your baby. Don't worry if the results seem less than scientific. Despite its light-hearted origins, we like the odds: if you answer all the questions, there's a 50-50 chance we'll be right.

And if you already know the gender of your baby, there's no need to spend the time taking this quiz. You can start searching for stylish birth announcements for your baby boy or baby girl.

Baby Gender Predictor Quiz

1. Have you had trouble deciding on baby names?

  • We agree on girl names, but not on boy names.
  • We agree on boy names, but not on girl names.
  • We've had no trouble agreeing on names.

2. What types of food have you been craving?

  • Candy, cookies and everything sweet.
  • Lemons, pickles, yogurt and other sour foods.
  • I haven't had many food cravings.

3. Is the daddy gaining weight along with you?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • He'll never tell!

4. Do you find yourself craving more protein than before?

  • No. Bread, fruit and snack foods, but rarely protein.
  • Yes. Meat and cheese are my new favorite treats.
  • No more or less than before.

5. How has your hair changed since getting pregnant?

  • It's become thin and dull.
  • More shiny and full-bodied.
  • It's about the same.

6. What about your nails?

  • They're growing slower or feel thin and brittle.
  • Growing faster and stronger.
  • I haven't noticed a change.

7. Are your feet colder now that you're pregnant?

  • No, my feet don't get cold.
  • Yes, they're like little icicles.
  • About the same as before.

8. Are you generally happier or more moody?

  • I cry more, I laugh more. Definitely moody.
  • No, if anything I feel more positive.
  • I don't know.

9. Have you been dreaming about your baby?

  • In my dreams, my baby is a girl.
  • In my dreams, my baby is a boy.
  • I haven't had any dreams about my baby.

10. Has pregnancy made you clumsy or graceful?

  • I feel more graceful.
  • I feel more clumsy.
  • I'm not sure.

11. Which side do you prefer to lay down on?

  • I lay on my right side.
  • I lay on my left side.
  • I don't have a preference.

12. Have you had serious morning sickness?

  • My morning sickness lasts all day!
  • What morning sickness? I feel great.
  • It's been about as expected.

13. How fast is your baby's heartbeat?

  • 140 bpm and above.
  • Less than 140 bpm.
  • I'm not sure.

14. What do you think you're having?

  • A girl.
  • A boy.
  • A baby.

* This baby gender predictor is based on common pregnancy myths and is for entertainment purposes only. Have fun with the quiz!

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