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Vintage Christmas Cards with Photos

5.25x5.25" Tri-fold (more options)
Christmas Cards
As low as $ 2.69
5 Star Rating (17)

5.25x5.25" Tri-fold (more options)
Christmas Cards
As low as $ 2.69

5.25x5.25" Tri-fold (more options)
Christmas Cards
As low as $ 2.69

Customer reviews of our Vintage Christmas Cards with Photos

January 6, 2015Literally Was a Rave Review!

"This was our most popular Xmas card ever. I received more, "That was our favorite xmas card of the year", "wow, loved your card", and "best Xmas card---ever" from this card than any I have ever sent. We had some spectacular photos from our Cross Country American Summer Trip to put in in the blanks, but it was just gorgeous when completed. Thanks Tiny Prints."

January 5, 2015Tiny Prints sent ME a Handwritten Thanks You

"I cant explain the joy and pride our Tiny Prints Holiday cards bring to us and our family. I had 1 friend call and say I WON the Card war and another family member who said they just took last years down to put this years up! After I received and sent out all of my cards, Tiny Prints Staff member Julie sent me a hand written card Thanking me for ordering from them! I am a HUGE Thank you note writer and this was not lost on me! Thank you Tiny Prints...For this years card being the most Epic! I have no idea how to top this next year, but I am sure you will think of some wonderful style and layout! Love, The Senior Family!"

December 16, 2014Love it!

"I am very happy with this card! There are only 2 things I would have changed. The text for "Year in Review" was not editable. I would have liked to be able to edit that text to say 2014 instead. Also of course it would have been nice if they had been a little less expensive, but all in all I still would order them again! I ordered with the shimmer paper and absolutely love the way they turned out!"

December 16, 2014Everything I hoped for...

"A year after my husband passed away - I had no idea what to send out at Christmas. So much has happened. The "Year in Review" card answered all my prayers. The help I was given - and patience I was given by the staff made it perfect - thanks!"

December 15, 2014Great quality!

"I love this card! As a person who usually does a Christmas letter each year, this was a fantastic "shortcut" way to update friends and family with pictures and a few short sentences. It looks great too!"

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