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Displaying Christmas Cards Throughout the Season

Each winter, Christmas cards and other holiday cards will flood your mailbox. Once you’ve admired the beautiful designs and enjoyed the sweet messages, it’s not always easy to know what to do with the card!

Here are a few great ideas for displaying your Christmas card bounty.

  1. Use magnets to post them on your refrigerator. This time honored tradition works great if you have a bit of fridge space and a lot of extra magnets. Seasonal magnets are especially fun!
  2. Slide them into the slats of your blinds. This is a neat and easy idea for those of you with blinds.
  3. Display them on your mantel, shelves or anywhere you can stand them up. Rotating the cards every week gives everyone a chance to shine!
  4. Tape them up on the pantry door. You’ll be sure to enjoy the cheery greetings every time you prepare a meal or sit down for one in the kitchen.
  5. Hang them on your Christmas tree branches as decorations. The striking patterns will brighten up your tree and guarantee a unique personal touch to your decorations every year.
  6. Hang holiday themed ribbon vertically on your wall and use paperclips to pin the Christmas cards all the way down. When you run out of space on one ribbon, just add another beside it!
  7. Tape them all around a central doorway in your home. When one doorway fills up, use another. Each time you go from one room to the next you’ll be reminded of all the people who love you.
  8. Tape them up around the fireplace. This suggestion is best for non-working fireplaces or ones that are never lit.
  9. Place them in a special photo album displayed for everyone to see. This will give you a yearly and timeless memento of friends and family members.
  10. Hang them around a large mirror or a large painting in your main living space. – This is a great option if your living room is devoid of a fireplace.
  11. Use a fancy specially designed Card Holder.
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