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Online Address Book by Tiny Prints

Welcome to the Tiny Prints Address Book, where you can store your contacts, keep track of important dates, request information from friends and organize all the details to help you send cards and invitations in a stylish way!

Browse through the features listed below to find out how the Tiny Prints Address Book will help you stay chic, organized and stationery savvy.

Seamlessly Sync Tiny Prints with Other Address Books

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Wherever your contacts are currently stored, Tiny Prints makes it easy to import and export information with just a few clicks.

  • Sign in to access web services directly from the Tiny Prints Address Book.
  • Import your contacts from any service, or even from your own excel spreadsheet.
  • Create one set of comprehensive information for each contact.
  • Easily export contacts, specific information about your contacts or your entire Address Book.

Organize Your Information

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Once you've added your friends, family members and colleagues to your Tiny Prints Address Book, you're sure to stay organized with our unique set of data management tools.

  • Create and easily edit groups of contacts.
  • Edit all of your contacts' details:
    - Add unlimited information for each friend, including addresses, emails, phone numbers, birthdays and special notes.
    - Create custom labels for all of your contacts' information.

Request Information from Friends

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To help ensure that you won't have any gaps in your contacts' information, Tiny Prints will email your contacts and make it easy for them to automatically update their addresses, birthdays and more.

  • Request mailing addresses and birthdays from your contacts with the click of a button.
  • Stay current on the latest news from your friends and family.
  • Let Tiny Prints keep track of all of their responses for you.

Integrate Your Address Book with Purchases

Once you fill out your Tiny Prints Address Book, you can use the information you've entered to make your life easier. Print addresses on your envelopes before you sign, seal and send them, or enlist the help of the Tiny Prints staff to do all the work for you. All you have to do is receive the compliments!

  • Automatically print addresses on your envelopes to save a step in the mailing process.
  • If you choose, we'll stuff your envelopes, stamp them with a real stamp and even mail them out for you! You only pay for the cost of stamps and 35¢ each for printed return addresses.

Enjoy Unbeatable Service at Tiny Prints

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, the friendly staff at Tiny Prints will be happy to help.

  • Use our etiquette experts as the ultimate resource when planning your special events.
  • Our professional designers will review, retouch and perfect every order.
  • Contact our customer service specialists by phone, email or Live Chat.

Tiny Prints Mailing Service

Whether you're hosting a special celebration or scrambling to get ready for the festive season, we know how hectic the holidays can be, especially when you feel like you don't have the time to complete your invitations. With Tiny Prints, our mailing service will send your cards, invitations, and announcements directly to your friends and family completely free of charge.

Simply complete your order and request that our staff address your envelopes, stamp them, and send your cards directly to recipients for you. Or you can set up a Tiny Prints address book, in advance, to make your shopping experience even quicker and easier.

You can also build your guest list as you go which then adds to your address book automatically. We will match the fonts on your envelopes to the fonts you've chosen for your cards and invitations. The mailing service is completely free when you purchase printed return address. You only pay for the cost of stamps.

When you make use of our free mailing service, you even get a variety of delivery options to choose from. Select "Ship to You" and Tiny Prints will package and ship all the items in your order to your shipping address. We will prepare everything with printed addresses and stamps but won't seal your envelopes so that you can write a special note, place additional items inside, or deliver the cards and invitations in person.

Select "Tiny Prints Mails All" and Tiny Prints will address, stamp, stuff, and mail all of the items in your order to the recipients' addresses. You can also select the "Tiny Prints Mails Some" option to use the mailing service to process cards for the recipients you specify and to send the rest of your order to your own mailing address.

The free Tiny Prints mailing service is a great option for anyone who's looking to save a little time and money during their stationery shopping experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, send us an e-mail, or chat with us online. Enjoy your shopping.

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