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  • Where your pictures come to life
    in photo books, cards and gifts.
  • Wedding invitations and
    stationery for every step
    of the planning process.
  • Online photo and video equipment rental.

Current Affiliates

Getting Started with Banners & Text Links

Once you receive an approval email, please log in to Share-A-Sale's affiliate gateway and navigate to the "Get Links" area. Next, click on "Get a Link/Banner." Once you find Tiny Prints, click "Get Links" next to our company name. You can also visit the Tiny Prints affiliate page directly. There, you can browse through the different categories of text and banner links available for your use.

Creating Banner Links

To create a banner link, click "Get this Banner's HTML Code" on the Tiny Prints affiliate page under each banner and/or link that you want to display. When you add that banner or link to your website, it will be tagged with your Share-a-Sale ID. The shortest code available is easiest to add to your site, use in email and use directly.

Creating Text Links

If you are going to place orders directly with Tiny Prints, you may want to use a simple text link that you can insert into your web browser. You can create a text link to the homepage by using the URL format shown below. Note: XXXXXX represents your unique Share-A-Sale Affiliate ID

  • Tiny Prints: //
  • Wedding Paper Divas: //

Finding Your Share-A-Sale Affiliate ID Number

Your Share-A-Sale Affiliate ID is not the same as your user name for log-in, it is the number you see at the top of the screen after you log in. See the example image below:

User ID example:

Affiliate ID

Testing Your Links

You can test a link by copying and pasting it into your browser. If you are directed to either the Tiny Prints homepage or the Wedding Paper Divas homepage, the link is working. Do not copy and paste the landing page url from our website (i.e. and confuse it for an affiliate link as it will not track properly. All affiliate links begin with "//…" as shown in the example above.

Getting the Best Results

Remember, the more you target and prominently display your links, the more sales you will generate and the more money you will make! Please do NOT modify the banners, links or HTML code. Changes may prevent us from tracking your sales and/or referrals, and could lead to lost commission on your part.

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