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How to Pick an Appropriate Thank You Card

Roaring Lion Thank You Card

Unfortunately, many people think that boxed sets of boring thank you cards straight off the drugstore shelf are appropriate for every occasion from their high school graduation to their wedding day. As a result, instead of choosing a thank you card appropriate to the tone and style of a particular event, they send weepy watercolor thank you notes for everything from a friend walking their dog to an extended vacation at a relative's country cabin. To avoid this common thank you card catastrophe, follow these tips to help you determine which stylish thank you notes are appropriate for your special occasions.

Instead of sending lackluster thank you cards, take a moment before you shop and consider the tone of the event you are shopping for. Do you need to make a style statement with your thank you notes for a chic and sophisticated business event? Do you want to find a thank you card to match the tone of your wedding or anniversary party? Or are you looking for a playful and fun thank you note for a child's birthday party? Each of these events calls for a different kind of thank you card to help you convey the message you want to send, whether it's serious, stylish or just plain fun!

Another step in indentifying an appropriate thank you note involves deciding whose style you want the stationery to represent. If you are looking for thank you cards for your wedding, graduation or other personal party, select a thank you note that represents your signature style. If you are shopping for thank you cards for a professional function, however, consider your stationery an extension of your business' brand within your personal network. Make sure your thank you notes adequately represent the tone you want to set for your organization.

Garden Floral Thank You Card   Soft Pink Bunny Thank You Card   Sinlge Monogram Thank You Card

Similarly, if you are looking for thank you notes for a child, give him or her the chance to chime in on which design you choose. Even if they are quite young, children often have a favorite animal or color that you can incorporate into your selection. This makes each thank you note more personal, which will translate into a more heartfelt message of gratitude for all of your recipients.

Finally, a simple way to make sure that your thank you cards are always appropriate is to customize them. Put your personal monogram, your business' logo or a fun message on your thank you notes to ensure that they match the tone and style you wish to convey. It's a fun and simple way to ensure that your thank yous will always be appropriate and heartfelt. The extra effort involved in creating your own personalized stationery will be well worth it when you see those smiles on the faces of all your friends and family!

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