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Baby Shower Ideas

Traditionally, a baby shower could be summed up as a group of girls coming together to celebrate the mom-to-be by playing silly games and eating dainty cucumber sandwiches. But the days of swirling streamers, paper doilies and clichéd tea parties are over! It's time to transform those tired baby shower themes by giving them a fresh modern makeover. So before that little bundle of joy makes their grand entrance into this world, let these helpful tips and inspirational baby shower ideas assist you as you plan the most stylish and unique celebration that guests have ever attended.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Say goodbye to predictable correspondence that features those soft blue and pastel pink color tones because this marvelous occasion calls for some ultra-chic baby shower invitations that will captivate recipients as soon as the envelope is opened.

  • To ensure that each and every detail of your baby shower invitations perfectly reflects the party's theme and stands out with its distinct style, you'll want to find a design that comes with a full range of customizable options.
  • Exhibit creativity and originality by exchanging those overused invitations bearing storks and winsome caricatures in favor of designs adorned with posh patterns and spirited color schemes.

    Ultra-chic style for baby shower, card designed by Vera Bradley

  • Modern baby showers aren't just limited to the ladies, so make sure you find a baby shower invitation that will entice your gentlemen guests as well.

    Beer & Burgers - great idea for couples baby shower

  • Before you drop your marvelous invites into the mailbox, be sure to add some extra style to your stationery by embellishing each envelope with beautiful bows and baby shower address labels.

Baby Shower Décor Ideas

The next step in modernizing your party is to find distinct decorations that extend beyond the traditional bottles and diaper pins. So feel free to be a little more daring with your décor and let a few of these stylish baby shower ideas inspire you.

Baby Shower Décor for Boy Baby Showers

  • If you choose to feature a baby boy blue color scheme, you can liven up the look of the party by adorning the tables with beautiful sapphire-tinged glass vases that are filled with radiant white flowers, as well as bold blue and green plates, cups and glasses.
  • During chilly seasons such as winter and fall, most planners resort to muted hues that reflect the drab and dreary nature of the outside elements. Instead, add some pizazz to your party décor by going with a vibrant spectrum of colors and unique embellishments that will create a bright and cheerful environment.

    Fun theme for boy baby shower

  • Make the celebration more adventurous by featuring a fun safari baby shower theme. Spruce up the setting with cute lion, tiger and giraffe stuffed animals and really capture the natural aesthetic of the jungle by incorporating gorgeous green tablecloths and other emerald-toned items into your party décor.
    Inspirations for Safari & Jungle themed baby shower
    Inspirations for Safari & Jungle themed baby shower

Baby Shower Décor for Girl Baby Showers

  • Welcome that precious newborn into this world by throwing a beautiful botanical inspired baby shower. This can be easily achieved by placing flowers that tie in with the party's color scheme at the center of each table and sprinkling delicate petals throughout the setting.

    Floral ideas for girl baby shower designed by Petite Alma

  • Even if you're hosting a shower in honor of a baby girl, you don't have to create an atmosphere that's overly feminine. Instead, exhibit your unique sense of style by going with a gender neutral cool gray and white color palette that's also paired with an elegant umbrella baby shower motif.
    Inspirations for umbrella themed baby shower
    Inspirations for umbrella themed baby shower

  • When hosting a gender reveal party, a bow and mustache baby shower theme will certainly make for a fun and playful affair. You can also add charming details to desserts such as lovely little bows on top of cupcakes or attach dapper mustache cutouts to straws.
    Inspirations for gender reveal baby shower
    Inspirations for gender reveal baby shower

Baby Shower Décor for Twin Baby Showers

  • If the mom-to-be is expecting not just one but two little princes or princesses, "Two Peas in a Pod" is one of the more popular twin baby shower themes. And although it is cute, it has been done again and again. So abandon this overused motif and instead opt for some sleek modern décor that features a few dazzling hues and stylish patterns.
    Inspirations for twins baby shower
    Inspirations for twins baby shower

  • An absolutely delightful theme that is perfect for twins or even triplets is a storybook baby shower. It's incredibly charming and doesn't exploit the fact that the mom is having multiples. Decorations can feature cute characters from classic kid's stories and guests can also bring their favorite childhood book for the brand new babies.

    Unique story book baby shower idea

Food and Refreshment Shower Ideas

Whatever you do, don't continue the long-standing tradition of providing guests with flavorless finger sandwiches. When it comes to the food and refreshments, we urge you to rely on the advice of our favorite television chef and “kick it up a notch!” with a few of these sweet and savory baby shower ideas.

  • Keep the prep time to a minimum by choosing dishes that are easy to make and can be eaten at room temperature.
  • Be sure to incorporate the food into the décor. Bulk candy decanted into large jars and flaky coconut cake placed upon gorgeous platters make for marvelous table centerpieces.
  • For a sunny outdoor baby shower, ice cold lemonade, a refreshing assortment of delicious fruits and a light dessert such as raspberry parfait or tropical sorbet will certainly be a hit.
  • You don't need to prepare an elaborate four-course meal. Instead, small appetizers are a much better option for baby showers because it gives guests more time to mingle and they can snack at their leisure.

And remember, there's absolutely no reason why a baby shower should be dull or indistinguishable from the next. When you spice up your invitations, decorations and even the food and refreshments with these fun baby shower ideas, the mom-to-be and all her friends will certainly have even more reason to celebrate!

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