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Special Baptism and Christening Party Ideas

A Baptism or Christening ceremony is a special and exclusive moment for families all over. Family members, friends, and Godparents gather together for this once-in-a-lifetime moment to celebrate your baby's religious induction. Since all of your loved ones will likely be together on this day, this is the perfect opportunity to host a joyous baptism party right after the ceremony ends! Christening and Baptism party invitations are your starting point and always end up serving as a special keepsake for all recipients. Once you choose the perfect invitation, symbolic decorations and party details will easily fall into place.

Girl or Boy Baptism Invitations

beautiful gold blessed baby baptism invitation

Baptism invitations are a must for any Baptism or Christening ceremony. Formal invitations always set the tone and sentiment for your baby's special occasion while acknowledging those who are important to your family. If you're deciding on girl baptism invitations, soft pink designs and styles are a classic for baby girls. If you're deciding on boy baptism invitations, a light blue color palette follows tradition for baby boys. However, modern baptism invitations are becoming more and more popular for families who want gender neutral invitations. When considering modern designs, simple photo baptism invitations with elegant touches of gold or silver are perfect for this occasion. You can also pair your invitations with personalized address labels to save time and make your coordination process effortless.

Whichever invitation style you choose, your baby remains the center of attention. Your invitation's design should be complementary to your baby boy or girl's beautiful photograph.

Baptism Party Venues

Since the Christening or Baptism party usually comes immediately after the church service, you want to select a venue for the party that is relatively close to the church. Depending on the guest list, it may make sense to have a party at your house or at a neighborhood park. Keep in mind that if other children are coming, you want to make sure they are entertained.

Baptisms and Christenings are intimate moments that typically only include your family, close friends, and the baby's Godparents. Therefore, your home may be the best option for celebrating this special moment. However, if you're a part of a big family and have visitors from out of town, you may want to opt for a small venue, dinner hall, or restaurant space.

Baptism Party Decorations

blue and white boy photo baptism party invitation

The decorations for your baby's Baptism party should be based on your celebration's theme. The most appropriate theme for a Baptism party is a Christ theme with both religious and baby-oriented decorations that follow your invitation's color palette. Garlands with your baby's name, Christening balloons, and white floral arrangements are staples for any baptism party. You can also create or buy décor that incorporates crosses, angels, or prayer hands. Party favors with customized gift tags that display your baby's christening date also add a sweet touch to this experience.

If you want to incorporate signage, you can frame and display different bible verses or quotes throughout the party that represent your baby's baptism or christening. These bible quotes and verses are popular and serve as a great starting point:

"And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them." – Mark 10:16

"Children are a gift from the Lord, a child is a reward from Him." - Psalm 127:3

"When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus." - Acts 19:5

"For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ." – Galatians 3:27

"One Lord, one faith, one baptism." – Ephesians 4:5

"Baptism is the initial step of a faithful heart." – Max Lucado

"Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith." – Watchman Nee

Baptism Party Food Ideas

A morning christening can be followed by a lunch buffet, or an early afternoon christening can be followed by afternoon tea. You should have drinks available to toast to your baby's health. The Godfather should make the first toast. If you are hosting the party at your house, a simple buffet spread or snacks will suffice. If the event is held in warm weather, a backyard barbecue can be a great alternative. Cake at a baptism and christening should be ideally a white cake, with white frosting, bearing the baby's initials, name and christening date. You can also offer an array of cookies with decorative crosses on top to take your celebration over the top.

Baptism Activities for Kids

More than likely, there will be other kids at your child's Baptism or Christening party. An easy form of entertainment is to set up a TV and play a children's video in another room. A better idea is to plan a few games to occupy them. Sunday school games such as bible jeopardy or bible trivia also work great for kids at a baptism or christening party. If you're looking to host a less competitive activity, you can also purchase kid-friendly color-in thank you cards and set aside a kid's table.

A baptism party is following a rather formal religious ceremony and should be planned appropriately. You will very likely have lots of family and friends in town for your child's Baptism and Christening. You would not want them to leave without a fun filled celebration of the special occasion!

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