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Birth Announcements Etiquette

Transform birth announcement etiquette from brutal to breezy with this simple guide to everything you need to know about sharing news of your newborn with the world.

Baby Birth Announcements by Tiny Prints

Who to Include

We design birth announcements to help you share news of the birth of your child with friends and family in an exciting way. As a result, feel free to send them to anyone you think might want to join in the fun! This includes best friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, coworkers, workout buddies, old high school friends, the mailman, your dog walker—in fact, who wouldn't want to celebrate the arrival of your brand new baby?

When to Send Birth Announcements

Send birth announcements as soon after your baby's arrival as possible. The best way to achieve this timeline is with a little early preparation. By selecting a design, writing your verse, addressing envelopes and buying stamps ahead of time, you will be ready to send your announcements as soon as possible. Once the star of the show arrives, just email Tiny Prints your baby's date of birth, weight, height and other important information, and we'll automatically finish your design, print your birth announcements and send them to you right away!

If you prefer to take some time after your baby's birthday before sharing the good news with stationery, six months is the longest you should wait before sending out birth announcements. Click here for a more detailed timeline, or read on to learn more about your baby stationery.

What to Include In Birth Announcements

You don't have to be a poet to write a heartfelt birth announcement verse! Just browse through our sample verses to gather some inspiring ideas. A birth announcement typically includes:

An Introduction:

Include a short passage from a poem or a popular phrase to sweeten up your birth announcement sentiments. Or, try one of the following tried and true opening lines:

We welcome with love...
Our home has grown by two feet...
Tanner has a new baby sister!

The Baby's Name:

Include both the first and middle names of your child, or simply use the baby's full name in its entirety.

The Birth Details:

The standard convention includes only the baby's birth date, weight and length. If you'd like, you can also add the time place of the birth as well.

Family Names:

The parents' names, followed by the names of the baby's siblings, come at the end of the birth announcement. You can also add an adjectival statement like "Proud Parents" in front of your names to describe your personal sentiment.

Common Questions

Do I need to handwrite a personal message on each announcement?

No. Your friends and family will understand that, as new parents, you are either too busy to sign each card, too tired to think of a lengthy message or, most likely, a combination of both. If you have time, you or a friend or grandparent can add a small message for close relatives like aunts or uncles. But, for friends, you aren't expected to include a handwritten message at all.

Should I include a photograph of my baby with each birth announcement?

There is no right answer for this one. Some parents choose to include a photo of their newborn, while others choose to wait to send photos until their baby is a little older. Both practices are widely accepted, so just do what feels most comfortable to you.

Should I buy stationery, thank you notes and calling cards for my baby?

Yes! Personalized stationery for newborns is a charming way to show appreciation for the gifts and kind wishes that are sure to be headed their way. Plus, you can include your baby's calling card in gifts to other newborns to start setting up a social circle for play dates and parties. This branch of baby stationery is quickly becoming popular practice among new parents looking to connect with other families in a delightful way.

How should I present an unusual birth weight?

If you have reservations about including your newborn's birth weight or height, feel free to omit them from your birth announcements altogether.

What kind of announcement should I use for twins?

Twins simply present the opportunity to have twice as much fun with your birth announcements! One option is to put one newborn's name on one side of the announcement and the other newborn's name on the reverse so it will be clear that they are two different people. Another is to check out Tiny Prints selection of birth announcements designed specifically with twins in mind. They're twice as nice for announcing multiple births!

If I kept my maiden name, how should I word my child's birth announcement?

Always include the full names of both parents on birth announcements regardless of whether your last names match or not. Additionally, there is no need to indicate whether you are married or not since those close to you most likely already know this information.
Michael West and Sarah Connolly

What if we are announcing an adoption?

Send adoption announcements to let your loved ones know that your family is growing! Include your adopted child's birth date as you would on a birth announcement, even if it is two or three years prior. If the adoption was international, you can also include your adopted child's native country. These announcements are a great way to celebrate this milestone in both your lives!

What if grandparents want to send announcements?

If grandparents want to send announcements to friends who may not recognize the names of the newborn's parents, include the grandparents' names after the parents' names in the family names section of the birth announcement.

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