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Birthday Invitations

Birthday Invitations

If you’re planning a special birthday for your child, unique birthday invitations are the perfect way to get the party started. Discover plenty of ways to invite your friends and family to celebrate the special day, whether your little one is turning 1 or nearly a teenager. Choose from our premium designs and personalize them down to every detail, to make birthday invitations that suit your kid’s style and personality.

Celebrate in Personalized Style

In our collection of unique birthday invitations perfect for kids, choose from non-themed designs as well as a range of fun themes including:

  • Animals: From barnyard animals to woodland creatures and classic favorites like bunnies, you’ll find a variety of ways to celebrate your little one’s birthday with his or her favorite animals.
  • Party: If you haven’t chosen a theme or want an invitation that’s versatile, choose from a range of stylish party invitations that feature balloons, cake, banners, party hats and confetti.
  • Cars & Trains: For the kid who loves things that go, get the party off to a fun start with themes like race cars, trains, bulldozers and more.
  • Flowers: Bring a sweet, feminine look to your little girl’s birthday invitations with chic floral designs.
  • Make-Believe: Infuse the fun into your child’s birthday with invitations that feature favorites like superheroes, mermaids, unicorns and more.

Once you’re thrilled with your one-of-a-kind birthday invitations, make sure your envelopes make a great first impression. Add coordinating kids address labels and postage stamps to make your cards pop.