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Birthday Invitations - Celebs RSVP For A Fee

More and more D-list actors and out-of-work celebrities are accepting holiday and birthday party invitations, for a reduced fee that is. It's not enough to get a festive party invitation, a full buffet and an open bar anymore. Well-to-do private and corporate party hosts are turning to celebrities to make their events truly impressive, spectacular and unforgettable. The current trend appears to be the wealthier the host, the larger the appetite for celeb "meet and greet" party appearances.

A-list celebrities can cost anywhere from $500 to $1M. Jessica Simpson can request as much as $1 million where Anson Williams, "Potsie" from Happy Days, is a mere $3,000 to $6,000 depending on the shindig and travel requirements. If Linda Blair from "The Exorcist" accepts your holiday party or birthday invitation expect to pay around $5,000, although her fee goes up the closer your event is to Halloween. Justin Timberlake allegedly accepted a birthday party invitation overseas for $1.5 million.

Some parties may require a celebrity to perform in character, however, in many cases celebs may accept a holiday or birthday party invitation and not even have to recite their signature lines, sing or tell jokes. The host just expects them to make an appearance and mingle with their guests for a short time. Whether celebrities are embarrassed to accept a complete stranger's birthday invitation or holiday gig is up for debate. With figures skyrocketing into the six figures for the right talent, the bottom line no doubt supersedes any humiliation.

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