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Need Help Planning the Perfect Themed Party?

themed birthday invitations

The first major step in solidifying a theme for a children's party involves the ever-important birthday invitations. You can choose a theme ahead of time and find birthday invitations to match, or select a fun birthday invitation and later decide to build a theme around it. Either way, your child's birthday invitations will be vital in establishing the theme for all your guests and listing important details about the party, including times, dates, details about the food and whether or not guests should wear costumes to match the theme.

But, throwing a great themed children's party involves a lot more than just a great idea and the right birthday invitations. Choosing sweet and stylish birthday invitations to match your theme is a great way to kick off your party planning, but, in actuality, finding a theme and appropriate birthday invitations to match represent only the tip of the iceberg.

Once you purchase, personalize and send your themed birthday invitations, you still have to decide which decorations, food and games will match the theme without being too tacky or overwhelming. The following tips will help you navigate the tricky path between establishing your theme with the perfect birthday invitations and actually pulling off the perfect themed party!

First, you need to decide where your event will be and what decorations you will need to establish your theme. If you select a thematic location, you can keep decorations to a minimum. A pirate party at the beach, for instance, won't require many decorations to maintain the integrity of the theme. Neither will a roller-skating party at the local rink or a soccer-themed party at your neighborhood park.

If your party is at home, consider using creative foods to establish your theme. That way, you can limit yourself to only a few key decorations, which will help ensure you won't go overboard. If you are having a fairy tale party, for instance, use pixie sticks and candied apples for a playful effect. Or, for a cowboy cookout, make franks and beans the stars of the show!

If you make creative use of the food at your themed party, you can free up more of your time and budget to come up with fun decorations. Transform your house into a fire station with a printed sign over your front door, a painted Styrofoam firefighter pole and some spotted Dalmatian stuffed animals. Or, turn your living room into a circus by pinning strips of brightly colored fabric from the ceiling and walls to make it seem like you are inside a tent!

Themed parties can be a great way to celebrate your child's big day. Just remember to keep your focus on the food and a few simple decorations to make sure that all of your ballerina, football and superhero themed parties end with smiles!

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