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How Much Information Should You put on a Business Card

One of the top keys to getting more clients or sales with your business cards is not only the presentation but also what you have written on your card. While you do not want a ton of words to crowd the card, you do want to have your USP(unique selling point) clearly outlined. If you find you have more information to put on your card and it will not fit on the front without looking crowded, you can choose to go with double sided business cards.

Here are some tips for layout and deciding on how much information to put on your business card:

Design Matters

Do not create a business card that is too "busy". While it is nice to have a clear and vibrant logo, people need to know at a glance what it is that you do. They also do not want to be confused with a logo that does not rightly represent what it is that you do. Sometimes having just a plain but elegant design will do the trick. On the other hand, if you do have multiple titles or are skilled in multiple areas, a double sided business card can help keep that information organized and separated.

If making up your own business cards, don't skimp on the print. Use a high print quality. A professional business should represent that professional look. Bleeding ink, smears, smudges, or illegible words can mean disaster for your business.

Choose quality paper

You want the right cardstock used for your cards. By using a thicker 24 pound cardstock the cards will still be able to be printed in a laser printer while still be solid enough to not rip or crumble too easily and will allow the ink to impress onto the paper with less bleeding or runs

Choosing the right size business card is also vital. If a card does not fit securely and easily into a wallet or business card holder, it will more than likely be thrown out, lost or tossed aside.

Keep your contact information easy to read and the ability to reach you simple. You do not want to hide behind an extension number or have a complicated email account, or something that needs to go through a third party to reach you unless you really have to. The whole idea of giving out a business card is so that people can just use the information and get you directly.

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