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Digital vs. Paper Business Cards

We are living in a digital age. It's an age of green living and technologically advanced businesses, but does this really mean that the business world is abandoning traditional paper business cards for the new digital business cards?

While some phone and internet savvy business people will applaud this move, what about those who aren't? The more traditional business people see this move as a foolish and extreme effort to save a few trees. The iPhone seems to be the most popular way of trading digital business cards, but those who choose to stick with a simpler cell phone and less technological way of life are left in the dust. It is even difficult when both parties use digital business cards, because they must be using the same device for the transfer to work. This is not very likely to happen.

Are these clients that your company is willing to lose in the paper vs. digital debate? So far there is no business being lost by handing out paper business cards, but there certainly a lot of business contacts to be lost by choosing to not hand out paper business cards.

There are some that feel that old-timers just need to move on and get with the digital program, others feel that sacrifices must be made to save the earth one less carton of custom business cards at a time, but is this a movement that the entire business world is embracing? Not quite yet.

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