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Free Business Cards

With business cards being a necessity for any successful business, some unwary people fall into the trap of ordering free business cards. At first this seems a smart move on anyone's part, free printing and all you have to do is pay for the shipping? Where do I sign up!

But what is the true cost of ordering free business cards? First of all, consider the paper quality. The paper quality of free business cards is the cheapest of the cheap. After all, it's free, so there is no choice there.

Second, the designs are commonplace and basic, there is nothing to set your business card apart and make it memorable. Some free business card opportunities will not even allow you to place your company logo on the card.

Third, remember that with each free business card comes the label on the back that advertises not only for the printing company, but also the fact that you are handing out free business cards. Not only is this not at all professional, but what kind of message do you send your potential and current clients? Perhaps they may think one of the following reasons: that you can't afford to buy business cards, that you cut corners where possible, that your company is not doing well, or even that you are not a professional businessman.

With all of these things at stake, free business cards are just too expensive for any serious company to order and hand out to their clients.

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