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How to Leave a Great Impression with Business Cards

Business cards are often one of the first tangible impressions that a potential client or business contact has of you and your company. It is safe to say that you should try to make this impression as unique and memorable positive experience as possible. But just how can you do this? You can find a few tips for this below.

Proofread your business card.

Typos and spelling mistakes on your card can instantly discredit you and your company - not quite the impression you want to leave with someone. To guard against this, read your card several times through before having it printed. You might even have someone else read over your card just to make certain.

Put contact information on your card.

It can be incredibly frustrating to think you have someone's contact information and then find that their business card has only their name, company name, and position in the company. Include all of your contact information on the card, be sure to check the numbers and email addresses to make certain there are no errors.

Steer clear of clutter.

Make sure that everything on your card is needed, company logos, contact information, and company information are all vital. Too much information will overload the brain and make your card seem less valuable and memorable. You don't want to be remembered for the headache that your card gave your client.

Use high quality paper stock.

This is something that is often overlooked, but the feel of a business card has a huge impact on your first impression of it. A heavy or thick card demonstrates that professional quality is put into every aspect of your company. Flimsy cards or cards with perforated edges are dead giveaways of inexperienced or cheap businesspeople. Also, choose the type of paper carefully: gloss, matte, and textured cards all send very different messages, so make sure it's one that reflects your brand.

Now that these important things are out of the way everything about your card, the perfect spelling, clutter-free, handy contact information, will all make you memorable. You want to make certain that your card screams quality and professionalism, follow these tips and you will be sure to have just that.

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