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How to Make Your Business Cards Stick Out

Because of economic constraints more and more people are taking the plunge to starting out their own businesses. With the internet booming and the ability to make money online with clients and customers spanning all ends of the earth, this can open up many doors for those who have skills in demand.

Printing and giving out business cards is still one of the best ways to let people know what you do and how to contact you for more information on your services. Since many people use business cards today, you need to find a way to stand out and be remembered. If someone remembers your business card, they will more than likely take an interest in your services as well.

A few ways you can try to stand out is by having custom business cards made. These can include unique shaped business cards, or even double sided business cards.

Unique shaped business cards can be shaped like a leaf, a video camera, a half circle or full circle, in the shape of a guitar, a person, or a cake. These are designed specifically to represent the field in which your business is in. If you had a catering service or bakery, would your contacts not be reminded when they picked up your card that was in a shape of a cake? While these may cost a little more to print, many people find them an excellent way to stick out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Double sided business cards are an excellent way to show your clients and customers exactly where you are located. By printing up a map of the area on the other side of your information, they will feel more in touch and be able to get a better feel for where you are located physically. When you take the extra step to provide information such as this, you potential clients and customers get to feel as if you really want to help them or provide something of benefit to them. Double sided business cards are also a great way to showcase more than one affiliation. This is especially beneficial for independent contractors or freelancers who represent multiple clients.

When you go that extra mile to stand out from the crowd, you not only leave a lasting impression but instill confidence and trust in those who could use your services most. Going the extra distance most always helps to grow your business and client base bigger and stronger.

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