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Who Should Use Business Cards? Not Just Businesspeople Anymore

The very term "business card" gives the impression that such cards are only for business. Not true! These days almost everyone has a card no matter their profession. Perhaps a better name for these cards would be "personal name cards." They are just used to easily transfer contact information, and likely have some personal style touches as well. Here are a few examples of non-businesspeople who use business cards on a day-to-day basis.


Moms across world are starting to have business cards made in order to better organize contact information or arrange play dates. When meeting people around town, exchanging business cards is one of the easiest way to give out contact information. Working moms have always had business cards, but even full-time moms have been picking up on the "mom" or "playdate card" trend.


Babysitters are in high demand and always will be. A custom business card is a great investment for any babysitter. It will increase the chances of your contact information not being lost as well as showing that you have a touch of professionalism to further the quality of your services. It's also a great way to get referrals. Leave a few cards at each house you go to, and ask the family to give them to anyone who might need a babysitter.


If you can think of someone who is most opposite of the businessman, most people will say artist. While this isn't far from true, in this digital age, it's becoming increasingly easier for artists to sell their work directly to customers. An artist's business card can be great for networking, and it's also the perfect little mobile canvas to exhibit their creative talents. Pulling material from his or her preferred media, an artist can create some of the most beautiful, compelling, and creative logo "business" cards. The great part is that they're not necessarily constrained by the conventional business card layouts.

Everyone else:

Business cards are the best way to make sure that your information is remembered, without needing to have your name instantly associated with a certain company. Think of it, you meet a person at a casual dinner or when you are having a drink at a bar and they ask for your contact information, you pull a personal name card out of your pocket and hand it to them. It doesn't have to have your work information on it, just your contact information, a handy way to spend more time talking and less time checking that your new friend wrote down your name and number correctly.

Let's face it, a handy little card with all of your contact information on it is one of the most simple ideas, but also one of the most effective. With a business card or a personal name card, everyone can exchange their contact info as well as give people something to remember them by.

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