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Signing and Handwriting Business Christmas Cards

If your company will be sending Christmas greetings this holiday season, understanding and exercising proper business Christmas card etiquette is essential to make the best possible impression. A well-meaning gesture like sending business Christmas cards can have a negative impact if it is done without thought and care.

All corporate Christmas cards should be personally signed. If your company's card has a preprinted message including your name, it must be signed with your handwritten signature too. Adding a short, handwritten message to your business Christmas cards provides a warm, personal touch even if there is already a preprinted greeting. It shows your recipient that you took the time to think about them individually and that they are worthy of a few reflective moments.

Additional personalization goes a long way. Even if you cannot imagine having to handwrite each and every label on your business Christmas card list, you will be glad you took the time to do it in the end. Computer-generated labels are impersonal and present your holiday greetings as a mass mailing or marketing ploy. Your business Christmas cards should express your appreciation to colleagues, clients and friends as well as advertise your product or service.

Personally signing your business Christmas cards and handwriting the addresses is a great way to enhance and strengthen your current professional relationships. Sending signed and handwritten business Christmas cards is also a wonderful way to garner new customers, reconnect with previous clients and express gratitude for the support of your existing ones.

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