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A licensed sonographer can be wrong about your baby's gender. A seasoned expert with hundreds or thousands under their belt can be confident but not certain. Vivid dreams can also play a part.

Can the Doctor Be Wrong About Gender?

Dear Ms Ultrasound,

I had an ultrasound at 17 weeks 3 days and the doctor was sure it is a baby boy. Both my husband and I have been dreaming of baby girls and so has my mom and my brother. My dreams have been really vivid, I've seen the delivery and the baby been a girl in a couple of dreams. I also saw myself giving birth on Christmas Eve and the baby's estimated due date is between December 26-29.

Even after he said it is a boy, I still feel it is a girl but I wanted a girl so bad that I don't know if I am just in a denial stage. Also, a few people have been like, "Is he sure it is a boy?" What are the chances that the ultrasound is wrong? Thanks!


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