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Birthday Parties - Stars Are Paid To Party

Celebrity birthday parties are not just about pretty party invitations, cake and pricey presents anymore. Believe it or not, stars get paid a significant amount of cash to celebrate their birthdays publically. Celebs generally exit award shows with grab bags stuffed with expensive freebies, similarly, the perks of attending their own birthday celebration can include a limo, a private jet, hotel suites, drinks and food and a six to seven figure paycheck to boot. However impersonal and extravagant, it would be a birthday invitation difficult to decline.

A popular celebrity's name on a marquee or on a birthday party invitation brings in tremendous crowds wanting to get into cell phone camera range of the star. Despite the cost of the party and the celebrities' exorbitant fee, a club's investment to host it is usually well worth the hefty price tag. Star parties have become extremely popular, especially in Las Vegas, where B-list and C-list celebs are even cashing in on the craze. Birthday invitations featuring the names of D-list and out-of-work actors are on the rise too, although much less expensive.

Currently the big three party girls in Las Vegas are Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. A birthday party invitation featuring one of their names is sure to be a successful soiree for everyone involved. Vegas luxury nightclubs like PURE interested in hosting one of their birthday bashes can expect to pay $1 million or higher. Celebs like Lindsay Lohan allegedly shop their upcoming party around with starting bids in the six figures. These days a birthday party invitation from a star may seem more like an invoice.

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