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What Are You Teaching Your Children About Thank You Cards?

Variety of Tiny Prints Thank You Cards

Some parents falsely assume that thank you cards are solely the forte of adults and etiquette masters. But, while keeping their children ignorant of the thank you note writing process, they are actually robbing their children of what could be a valuable experience.

Thank you cards offer an excellent learning opportunity for young children. Sitting down with a parent to construct a message of sincere gratitude in a thank you note to friends and family gives them a chance to practice creativity, etiquette, manners and penmanship all at the same time. Plus, thank you card recipients always appreciate the heartfelt touches that children put on thank you notes, whether it's through an older child writing his or her own message or a younger child decorating a thank you card with stickers and glitter.

All in all, writing and sending thank you cards is a valuable exercise in gratitude for people of all ages because it reminds you to give thanks for all of the wonderful people in your life. But children, in particular, often tend to take other's generosity for granted. If Grandma continually spoils your little ones, teach them to show their gratitude by handwriting her a thank you note for each gift she graciously gives them. Not only will Grandma absolutely cherish these heartfelt thank you cards, but your children will learn that kindness deserves kindness in return.

Even if your children are too young to write their own thank you notes, there are several ways they can participate in the process. Have your child sit next to you as you fill out their thank you cards and ask for his or her opinion on how the gift made them feel and what they appreciate most about the recipient as you write their responses. You can even purchase fill-in-the-bank thank you notes that offer prompts to your children to come up with a simple message of gratitude with phrases like, "Thank you very much for the __________________. It was very __________________ of you."

Vintage Airplanes Thank You Card Grateful Girl Thank You Card Smart Owl Thank You Card

These simple exercises can help your child to develop several skills that he or she will need as they go forward into adulthood. By practicing their stationery etiquette now, they are more likely to adopt a cheerful attitude of gratitude as they grow up.

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