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Paper Color

...for birth announcements and other baby stationery

Passive or aggressive. Playful or serious. The color of the card is the most evocative characteristic in baby related stationery. Before your recipient even begins to read your birth announcement or party invitation, they probably react to the color that they see. Color suggests a mood, point of view, even an emotion. It gives added dimension to a flat card. Combinations of shades and hues can be used to reveal contrasts that can make every card design unique. Color can excite, impress, and augment.

When selecting the appropriate color of your stationery, understanding how people respond to specific colors can ensure that you are conveying the correct associations. The guidelines below to help you understand color associations for the message you want to get across.

Color Chart

Shade Selected Associations
Red aggressive, strong & heavy
Blue comfort, loyalty & security
Yellow caution, spring & brightness
Green money, health, food & nature
Brown nature, aged, & eccentric
Orange warmth, excitement, & energy
Pink soft, healthy, childlike & feminine
Purple royalty, sophistication & religion
Black dramatic, classy & serious
Grey business, cold & distinctive
White clean, pure & simple

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