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Want to Add Some Sparkle to Your Thank You Cards?

Pink Chrysanthemum Flurry Thank You Card

Everyone knows that some occasions call for thank you cards with a little extra something. And, often, you can add a special touch to your gratitude without sacrificing time or style. Putting a personal touch on your thank you notes is a way to add a hint of homemade charm to your gracious sentiments. Here are several quick and easy ways to make your thank you cards simply sparkle.

One universally beloved way to personalize your thank you notes is with family photos. Whether you opt for an elegant photo thank you card or just cut out snapshots to affix to your thank you notes, adding an image of you and your family makes any thank you card seem instantly warmer, friendlier and brighter!

Another way to add a touch of fun to your thank you notes is by brushing up on your foreign language skills! Saying "thank you" in Greek or German gives your thank you card a unique, international flair that will make your thank you notes stand out from the rest.

Here's a brief list of a few foreign ways to say "thanks" for your next set of thank you cards:

Arabic: Shokran
Danish: Takk
French: Merci
German: Danke
Greek: Epharisto
Hawaiian: Mahalo
Hebrew: Toda
Hindi: Dhanyavaad
Italian: Grazie
Japanese: Arigato
Latin: Gratias
Mandarin: Xie Xie
Polish: Dziekuje
Portuguese: Obrigado
Russian: Spasibo
Spanish: Gracias
Swahili: Asante
Tagalog: Salmat
Welsh: Diolch
Zulu: Ngiyabonga

You can also get creative with the English language as well–just write a haiku or other limerick for your thank you notes. Instead of sending a simple thank you, get a giggle by trying out something like this:

Thanks for the coffee pot!
We use it every day.
Because we love it quite a lot,
At Starbucks we don't have to pay!

If you have young children who want to participate in sending thank you cards, you can give them stickers, markers and glitter and let them decorate the envelopes. Or, ask them to sign their own names on the thank you cards.

All of these ideas will give your thank you notes a personal touch to accompany your expressions of gratitude. These creative tricks are sure to leave everyone excited over your smart and stylish thank you card creations!

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