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If bedrest is prescribed for your pregnancy it can cause emotional issues for each woman/couple. It is important to remain positive and focus on a healthy pregnancy despite where you spend it. Coping becomes easier when you understand that things can change at any minute and accepting those changes as they come is very beneficial.

Dealing with the emotional aspect of bedrest during pregnancy

by Laura Dana, LCCE, CD (DONA), CAPD

When the pains in her abdomen made her sit up suddenly out of a deep sleep, she never realized that later during her appointment to see the OB/Gyn, today would be a day different from the rest. She left her job and took the afternoon off because of the trip to the doctor, but planned like every day, to return in the morning.

However, that was not going to be the case this time around. During the visit with her physician, she was told that not only was her cervix changing, but also it was "dangerously" close to opening. Bedrest was going to be the prescription and she was going to have to remain in bed, only up for trips to the bathroom and to get something to eat, and that was it. All traveling would have to be suspended, invitations would have to be declined, and shopping trips would have to be done without her. She was going to have to sit this pregnancy out, like a football player injured during the big game. And this had to be the way because she was only 26 weeks along and not ready to deliver the baby growing inside her.

It sounds like a script from a movie, but bedrest is how many women land up spending part of their pregnancy. The story does not end at the time the bedresting begins, just the opposite, it continues on while changing the pregnancy's course completely. Bedrest during a pregnancy can vary from "pull back your hours at work" to being admitted to the hospital, bladder catheterized, Magnesium sulfate being pumped into your veins, and having your bed put in a Trendelenberg position.

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