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The Art of Rangoli and Diwali Cards

Diwali Cards

Choosing the perfect Diwali card can be difficult with so many options to choose from. If you are looking for a Diwali card that blends traditional designs with chic, modern style, consider basing your theme off of classic Rangoli designs. Derived from "rang" meaning color and "aavalli" meaning row, Rangoli is a classic Indian art form. Normally painted on the floor, Rangoli is noted for its vast variety of colors. The bright Indian color palette will provide you with the perfect Diwali card inspiration!

Like cherished Diwali cards, Rangoli designs are passed from one generation to another. Many designs are geometric, but the exact nature of the designs varies within different regions of India. To add some geometric flair to your Diwali card, search for stationery that is cut into a unique shape, like a circle, triangle or flower. If this is too avant-garde for your taste, use colorful shapes to dress up your rectangular Diwali card instead.

Traditionally, Rangoli patterns are made from rice power or chalk. Although you will not find a Diwali card made out of chalk, this may be a fun way to get your children involved. Ask your kids to recreate your Diwali card design on your porch with colored chalk as a fun family activity. Another way to get the children involved with your Diwali cards is through finger-painting. Traditionally, Rangoli artwork is made by the artists' finger strokes. This may be a messy craft, but is sure to end with a sweet, personal Diwali card. Remind your children that in Rangoli, the finger-painted designs should be connected and have no gaps. Many Hindu believe that gaps in the artwork allow evil spirits to enter. After hearing this tale, your children will surely follow this classic style!

The most important factor in choosing the right Diwali card is to find stationery that you adore. That way, whether they are bright and vibrant or chic and simple, your Diwali cards are sure to be a holiday hit!

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