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Fun Crafts to Create with Leftover Easter Cards

Easter Cards

Easter cards are a fun part of spring, giving families a chance to reconnect with sweet little notes that commemorate a cherished tradition. But the sentimentality surrounding the holiday often makes it hard for people to dispose of leftover Easter cards lying around after you've mailed them to family and friends. Another difficult task involves throwing away or recycling Easter cards that you've received from loved ones.

There are a few simple craft projects that will help you make use of your leftover Easter cards in a fun and productive way. If you collect all of your Easter cards and arrange them into rectangles, for instance, you can laminate the sheets of Easter cards to create placemats for your kids to use while they dye eggs.

Another fun idea is to give your kids the leftover Easter cards and some art supplies, and tell them to create snapshots of what Easter means to them. You might be surprised by how a little creativity and a lot of heart can transform your old Easter cards into true works of art.

Plus, if your Easter cards or the Easter cards you received from your loved ones have characters like the Easter bunny, baby chicks or teddy bears on them, you can cut out the animals from your Easter card to create cardstock paper dolls for the kids to play with.

If you are stuck in a jam, you can always save Easter cards for classic crafts like scrapbooking and collages. With a little inspiration, you might be amazed by how your old Easter cards can be turned into something stylish and new!

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