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Use Easter Cards to Put a Creative Twist on a Classic Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Cards

Easter cards offer a fun way to share your Spring celebration with friends and family members around the world, but there's another fun use for Easter cards that you may have never considered before. If your children are older, or if you are planning a stylish Easter party for adults, you can use customized Easter cards to orchestrate a fun scavenger hunt!

To begin, sit down and map out where you want your scavenger hunt to take place. Will it be all over your house and backyard? Will you hide the Easter cards in a venue where you will be hosting the party? Do you plan to use the Easter cards to point guests to specific landmarks around town? Once you decide upon the scope of your Easter card scavenger hunt, you will have a better idea of how many Easter cards you will need and what each set should say.

If you decide to hide the Easter cards themselves and have your guests hunt for them, you can create separate teams that are each assigned a particular Easter card design that they have to find. If they find another team's Easter card design, it won't count. If you decide to use the Easter cards as clues that point to actual eggs, however, you can make numbered sets of Easter cards for each guest or team that they will be given at the outset of the game to guide them to each location. Just remind them not to skip ahead, or create tricky clues that could lead them astray if they fail to follow your directions.

Next, get to work customizing your Easter cards with clues and directions that your guests will follow to move from site to site. Get creative with your verses for these Easter card clues—you can resort to rhymes, famous quotes, or even well-known bunny songs and stories to make sure everyone has a great time trying to decipher each clue.

On the day of your party, make sure to hide the Easter cards in their appointed locations. Try to find good hiding spots where your Easter cards won't be tampered with, but where your guests can find them easily enough. Then sit back and enjoy the fun as all of your friends and family scramble to follow your clues!

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