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5 Ways to Give Back with a Birthday Party

Birthday Invitations

Many parents often try to incorporate lessons of gratitude into their children's birthday parties, but they usually limit the opportunity for their kids to express themselves to mere thank you notes. Instead of waiting until after their birthday invitations have been sent and the party is over, let your kids express their thankfulness as a part of the party planning process! Flip the established pattern around this year by sending birthday invitations to parties that give back to the community, the environment or another cause your family is passionate about. Here are five ways to turn your birthday invitations into the real messages of gratitude:

  1. Use recycled paper for your birthday invitations, thank you cards, napkins and other birthday supplies.
  2. Plan your child's birthday party around an educational event that will inspire everyone to take care of the environment. You can find great themed birthday invitations for visits to the zoo, museums and animal shelters, which all offer great ways to expose your kids to worthy causes.
  3. Use clearly labeled, separate trash cans for glass and aluminum to make sure that everyone recycles their bottles and cans.
  4. Combine your birthday invitations with announcements for a pre-party tree planting or a beach cleanup! If you are planning a party at the beach or a park anyway, this is a great way to let your guests help you get the space ready for the actual party, plus it encourages everyone to take an active role in the environment.
  5. If your child is particularly motivated to give back, give guests the option of donating to charity as a gift. Simply list the charity website on your birthday invitations!

In the age of global climate change and a growing endangered species list, there are hundreds of ways to live life a little more responsibly without sacrificing a great experience! So start shopping for those recycled birthday invitations today and host an environmentally friendly party that will leave everyone feeling a little lighter and brighter!

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