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Fun Ways to Use Leftover Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

There's a reason why photo birth announcements have become so popular in recent years. Adorable, charming and full of sweet style, photo birth announcements offer the perfect way to share pictures of your new bundle of joy with family and friends. But since photo birth announcements are always so cute and cuddly, many parents have trouble throwing any extras away.

If you are faced with this dilemma, you have a variety of options. One common piece of advice dictates that you should always keep a few photo birth announcements on hand for scrapbooks, photo albums and baby books. You can even ask your parents, friends and relatives if they would like extra copies of your child's photo birth announcements, particularly if they are avid crafters.

If you still have extra photo birth announcements lying around, you can always get creative yourself. Try framing one as a sweet gift idea for your spouse or other family members. You can also laminate extra photo birth announcements to turn them into coasters (a charming idea for your child's first birthday party!), or punch a hole in the top of the design and add a ribbon to transform your baby's photo birth announcements into Christmas tree ornaments.

If you seriously over-ordered, you might have enough extra photo birth announcements available to turn into a placemat for your child. Simply lay the photo birth announcements end-to-end and laminate them to create one rectangular mat large enough to cover your baby's high chair tray. If you have even more photo birth announcements lying around, try to turn them into a giant play mat to place on the floor, too!

With all of these great ideas available for extra photo birth announcements, you are sure to find fun uses for all of the adorable designs you have scattered around the house.

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