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Floral Postage Stamps

Floral Postage Stamps

When you purchase our beautiful floral postage stamps, you’ll find they can be used to enhance any correspondence. From floral thank you cards and invitations to floral birth announcements and holiday cards, these stamps will make sure your special letter stands out in a sea of ordinary mail.

TinyPrints offers an array of eye-catching floral stamp designs that you can customize to suit your personality and style.

Personalizing Your Floral Postage Stamps

Since postage stamps are small, you’ll make the biggest impact with minimal details. Choose one of our monogram designs for the simplest look or select to have a floral design as the focal point and add your name or type of event as an additional detail.

For example, if you’ll be using customized floral postage stamps on the envelopes of your baby shower invitations, you may want to add “Baby Shower” to your stamp design to let invitees know what they’re being invited to before they even open the invitation.

Once you’ve selected your stamp design and added some personalization options, you can further customize the stamps to suit your style by choosing a design color. Be sure to also select the stamp value you need!