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Girl Birth Announcements

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What customers have to say about our Birth Announcements

May 11, 2018

White, not blue (and not foil)

"Nice quality and the cards look nice, but I thought I was ordering pale blue cards with a foil "hello" and heart accent. The background is actually white on the cards I received, and the "hello" and heart accent are not foil."

April 29, 2018

Out growing family

"Our beautiful children ajla,fatima,and nejad (almir) 4-6-13 7-2-16 3-8-18."

April 27, 2018

Love this product

"Love this product would purchase again in the future"

December 14, 2017


"I would comment more if I could make the card!"

October 11, 2017

love this product and would buy again

"love the glitter"

Girl Birth Announcements

The birth of a beautiful baby girl is a blessing, and it’s a milestone that deserves to be celebrated in a one-of-a-kind way. Introduce the precious new arrival to your loved ones with girl birth announcements from Tiny Prints. Luxe stationery paper, stylish designs and easy personalization options let you share the news and make an impact.

Ideas for Designing a One-of-a-Kind Birth Announcement

Discover a birth announcement you can personalize for a unique design made just for you and your little girl. Choose from themes and color schemes that capture your daughter’s sweetness perfectly, including:

  • Pink and Gold: A contemporary palette that pairs a classic color with a bit of shimmer, add a little sparkle to your announcement with stylish pink and gold cards.
  • Glitter: For an extra touch of personality and shine, glitter cards bring a luxe finish and one-of-a-kind accent to your baby’s birth announcement.
  • Floral: Surround your little girl’s announcement photo with beautiful floral designs, from roses and peonies to cherry blossoms and violets.
  • Winter: If you welcomed your new arrival during winter, go for festive cards that feature snowflakes, Christmas colors and other sweet holiday touches.
  • Nature: Whimsical leaves, plants and trees give your cards a fresh look inspired by nature.
  • Animals: Bring life to your animal birth announcements with elephants, zebras, woodland animals and more.

Show off your new baby by personalizing your favorite announcement design with a beautiful newborn photo. Share every detail about her with your loved ones, from how much she weighed to the exact moment she arrived in the world. Finally, enhance your envelopes with custom address labels that are just as unique as your cards.

When you’re done customizing your announcement, you’ll be left with a truly one-of-a-kind creation that’s sure to bring smiles (and even some happy tears) to your loved ones’ faces.