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Graduation Invitation Wording

graduation invitation wording with foil stamped photo graduation invitation and matching envelope

Your gleeful graduate spent countless hours immersed in books and endured an endless amount of assignments and exams in order to finally reach this incredible milestone. And since this is such a momentous occasion for your soon-to-be grad, you'll want to request the presence of friends and family members by sending out memorable graduation invitations.

Graduation invitations provide all the necessary details regarding commencement exercises and post-ceremony parties as well as any additional achievements or accomplishments that are worth noting. However, while all invites should feature these essential details, the way in which this information is presented usually varies depending on the event.

For example, if you were to host a sophisticated sit down dinner that follows the graduation ceremony, you would want to use formal language in the invitations. Also, the level of formality and the degree to which you should adhere to proper etiquette will vary based upon whether your student is graduating from high school, college or graduate school.

Some universities and high schools limit the amount of guests who can attend the ceremony by issuing a small number of tickets to each student. For this reason, it would be wise to send graduation announcements to all those friends and family members who will not be invited to the ceremony so that they may still be informed of your student's marvelous achievement.

High School Graduation Wording

floral graduation announcement with pink flowers and one photo for high school graduation

While graduating from high school is indeed a significant achievement, many families prefer to recognize this occasion by hosting less formal celebrations such as backyard barbeques and open houses. Because of this, the wording on your high school graduation party invitations may reflect your party's casual tone.


It's Time to Celebrate!
Introducing the 2016 Grad!
Guess Who is Graduating High School?

Underneath the header, you should include an introductory verse that invites guests to join you in celebrating your student's accomplishments.

Come celebrate the graduation of...
Please join us for a graduation party in honor of...
Mr. and Mrs. Smith invite you to join them for the graduation of...

You should then add details regarding all the graduation events after this introduction.

In addition to the party and ceremony information, you can also include a few lines that describe what the student will be pursuing after high school. Whether they plan to attend a university or they're going to start a career, loved ones will be pleased to hear what the next big step will be.

College Graduation Wording

chalk gray college graduation announcement with three photos and gold foil font

A college graduation is certainly the time to take a formal approach with your invitations. And even though it's okay to utilize casual wording when having a more relaxed graduation party, it's important to maintain a certain level of formality so that the graduation gets the proper recognition it deserves. So in order to keep your invites looking classy, spell out the graduate's full name and avoid using abbreviated words and numbers when writing dates, times and locations.


You are cordially invited
to attend the Graduation of
Alexander Peter Jones
from Santa Clara University
on May seventeenth, Two thousand and sixteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon

Aside from adding the general details about the ceremony, you can also include the degree that your student will be receiving and any special honors that they might be graduating with. Friends and family will certainly enjoy seeing which discipline your graduate pursued in order to obtain their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

Graduate School Graduation Wording

Completing graduate school is the pinnacle of all academic achievements. It takes an incredible amount of hard work and determination in order to get this far. And since this is such an important occasion, it's appropriate to use formal language in your invitations.

Graduate school is usually completed at a later stage in the student's life which means most grads send out invitations to friends and loved ones themselves. Because of this, you will want to make sure your invites are worded in the first person.


I, Thomas Oliver Marche
am proud to announce my graduation from
University of California, Berkeley
Please join me in celebrating my achievement

Also, you will want to include the type of degree that you received in its unabbreviated form.

Doctor of Medicine not M.D.
Juris Doctor not J.D.
Master of Arts not M.A.

chalk graduation announcement invitation for graduate school with gold foil

For an additional touch, graduates can include quotations or sayings that are related to the profession that they are pursuing. Med school and nursing school graduates may add a few verses that pertain to the field of medicine, or law school students can include quotes from great lawyers of the past.

With this wording advice in mind, you can find a graduation invitation that suits the graduate's style and the celebration you are planning, and then enjoy every moment of this milestone!

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