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Holiday Address Labels

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Custom Christmas Address Labels

Getting ready to send your own holiday cards? Pair them with custom holiday address labels to pack an added festive punch. Address labels in coordinating holiday-themed designs are a wonderful way to bring extra flair and personality to your envelopes.

Creating Your Personalized Address Labels

Stylish, elegant and festive, these unique address labels are available in a variety of designs. Whether you’re looking for a versatile style you can continue to use after the holidays or you want to go bold with an eye-catching wintertime design, discover your favorite from our extensive collection. Choose from styles including:

  • Monograms
  • Festive quotes and words
  • Snowflakes
  • Pine trees & holly
  • Polka dots
  • White, red and green designs

Take a look to find an address label that suits your style and coordinates with your holiday stationery. When you’ve chosen your favorite design, simply add your name and address. Then, personalize the template with different colors, fonts and more to make it yours.

Other Uses for Holiday Address Labels

Whether you’ve found yourself with a few extra address labels after your holiday mailings are done, or you simply want to add personality to more than just your envelopes, there are plenty of other creative uses for custom labels. Here are just a few ideas for using your labels around the holidays:

  • Potluck Dishes: Keep track of the utensils and dishes you bring to family dinners by sticking a label on the bottom or handle of each item.
  • Lending Items: Whether you’re lending a kitchen mixer to a friend for their holiday baking or you’re letting someone borrow a good book, mark your belongings with an address label to make sure they’re safely returned.
  • Luggage: Flying home for Christmas? If you plan to brave the busy airports during the holiday season, keep track of your luggage more easily with address labels that happen to be appropriately festive.
  • School Supplies: The holiday season is a busy time at home. To ensure your kids don’t misplace their school supplies before the holiday break, mark their bookbags, pencil cases and other items with personalized labels.