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How to Prepare For Your Next Holiday Party

Choosing Your Holiday Party Invitation

Planning a perfect holiday party may seem like a daunting task, but in actuality pulling off the perfect event can be easier than you ever imagined. The first step involves finding the ideal holiday invitationfor your soiree. Choosing a holiday invitation can inspire your entire party planning process and theme. You can thoughtfully build upon the style, colors, and themes using the design that you choose.

In order to choose the best invitation for your party, you should browse various invitation categories online and do a bit of research on popular holiday themes. Asking close family and friends is another way to gather ideas and themes from individuals who will likely attend your party. You can even customize your favorite designs to suit your event. Plus, once you find that perfect holiday invitation, the hardest part of planning your party is already done!

Organizing Your Guestlist

beautiful red and green Christmas dinner party with tall candles and glassware

Maintaining an organized guestlist is essential for reducing party planning stress. When you keep a spreadsheet intact, you can add guests to your lists and check off which invitations you have mailed. If you're having a large gathering, you should make a long list of all attendees as you go so you can keep track of the invitations you need to send out. Guests will often ask if they can invite other friends and it's a smart idea to keep 15-20 extra invitations around. If you're hosting a small and intimate dinner party, it is best to have a firm guestlist. This will allow you to make early decisions such as ordering place cards and menus that match your holiday party invitations.

Holiday Envelope Ideas and Mailing Tips

Mailboxes overflow with Christmas cards and holiday party invitations every year. However, you want your holiday party invitation to standout so guests take more initiative to RSVP sooner. Putting time and precision into drafting your holiday invitation envelopes can generate additional excitement for your party and prepare guests for your concept. Stylish penmanship and legibility are precursors to the time, and all of the preparation you put into your holiday party invitations will only enhance your guests' anticipation. Here are a few tips to help you take your party invitations to the next level:

Envelope Design & Style: If you're looking to go the extra mile, design-on envelopes are a great way to make your invitation feel complete. You have more opportunity to incorporate elements onto your envelope that match your invitation theme such as snowflakes, seasonal greenery, or patterns. When it comes to writing, you can experiment with calligraphy or a bold font based on the style of your party invitation.

Envelope Liners: Choosing an envelope liner can be fun if you want to go for a more creative envelope interior. Festive or stylish envelope liners will make your holiday invitation paper goods standout. You can also incorporate some of the colors or patterns from your envelope liner into your party's color scheme.

Address labels: Using address labels that match your holiday party invitation will ease some of the pain of having to address each envelope with your address. This small detail will save you some time and set the tone for your concept once guests open their invitation.

Styling Your Party Based on Your Holiday Invitation

The perks of carefully preparing your holiday party invitations manifest themselves in how easily you'll be able to style your party. You can creatively use your holiday invitation as a guide for your party's color palette. For instance, a Santa-themed holiday invitation would call for a color theme utilizing a palette of reds, whites, and greens. In contrast, a snowy-themed holiday invitation would likely inspire a blue, white, and silver color scheme, with beautiful winter dècor.

Now, all you have to do is plan a delicious meal and wait for your guests to arrive. They will appreciate your attention to detail and better experience the flow of your coordinated holiday celebration. You can create the perfect atmosphere for your party with the simple planning that goes into a well-crafted and festive holiday invitation.

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