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It’s a Boy! – Baby Boy Shower Ideas

boy baby shower ideas with mason jar candy baby shower favors

Planning your first shower or looking for fresh ideas as you plan another shower for a friend or relative? From invitations, décor, and location, to food, drinks and entertainment there are plenty of opportunities to impress when planning a baby boy shower.

There's always room for improvement with the baby shower standards. Invitations, décor, location, food, drinks and entertainment present plenty of opportunities to impress.

Tips to start planning

  • Choose quality vendors and a location where all guests will feel totally comfortable.
  • For a first-time parent, pick one area to focus on you know she'll love.
  • If she's detail-oriented, sophisticated baby shower invitations are a must.
  • If she's a foodie, make sure to take your time with the food and beverage offerings.
  • If she's a lover of aesthetics, choose a stylish or quaint location and don't skimp on the décor.

Focusing on one area to excel will definitely reduce any planning stress and if chosen correctly, will certainly please the mother-to-be to boot.

Different Types of Showers

backyard picnic bbq baby shower for mom and and dad in blue

Couples’ Baby Shower: If you're looking to break the mold, consider a shower for a couple instead of just the new mother-to-be. Involving both parents is nontraditional, but could be a great way to celebrate a new beginning for the whole family. If the father is involved, a shower with plenty of other male guests would create a nicely balanced and There's always room for improvement with the baby shower standards. Invitations, décor, location, food, drinks and entertainment present plenty of opportunities to impress.

Baby Sprinkle. Another thought is a non-traditional shower for a second, third, or fourth child. If the new arrival has siblings, chances are the parents are set for newborn essentials. Opportunities for socialization are probably what's thin on the ground, so don't shy away from a celebration! This shower should more closely resemble a party for friends and family with fun treats, décor and activities. Skip the registry and offer your friends or relatives a chance to connect and unwind as they prepare for their family to grow.

Baby Boy Shower Themes and Decorations

Boy baby showers present lots of fun opportunities for themes that are slightly off the beaten path. A themed shower for a boy can evoke a sense of adventure and whimsy. A great place to get inspiration is to choose a boy baby shower invitation that will set the tone for your theme.

white square baby shower invitations with gold hearts and scalloped trim

Color Theme. A color theme is never a bad place to start if you're stumped: a traditional blue, or something a little different like yellow, green or red is a great jumping-off point for invites, décor and details. If you're hosting in a special location or serving up themed food or drinks, building the other shower details around the setting a nice touch. Examples include: a floral or outdoors theme for a shower in a garden or park, a western theme for an expectant mother who's specifically requested barbeque, or a tropical theme for the guest of honor who'd love to enjoy a few (virgin) daiquiris on her special day.

Character Theme. For something a little more whimsical and childlike, base your shower around a much-loved toy or character. Peter Rabbit, any Disney or Dr. Seuss characters are basic enough to plan around, but unique enough to leave a lasting impression. For something more middle of the road, try a monsters, dinosaurs, toys, or animals theme.

green and white woodland deer themed baby shower invitation with matching wishes for baby and gift tags for baby shower candy favors

Word or Phrase. A few ideas for those seeking something a little different: a theme around a word or phrase (ex: "sweet as pie," "boys will be boys," "birds and the bees," "bun in the oven," or "shake, rattle and roll") would be easy and fun to incorporate in décor, treats, favors, invitations and thank you notes.

Time of Day. A shower planned and themed around a specific time of day might provide a nice base or palette for the rest of the shower details. Morning/brunch, afternoon/teatime, or an evening soiree each evoke their own décor, color palette and food and drink ideas.

Activity Theme. If the mom-to-be is an athlete or an adventurer, a nautical, bicycle, or flying-themed shower would be an adorable nod to the special identity of the soon-to-be new parent.

Artistic Theme. If the parent-to-be is an artist or photographer, a shower designed around "dreams" or "memories" could be the perfect solution. Decorate with family photographs and encourage guests to take their own, or to draw or write mementos and warm wishes to leave for the new family.

Back to Basics. Finally, if a specific topic seems too restrictive, or the mother-to-be would prefer something more adult-friendly, consider an easy vintage, modern, or rustic aesthetic. These ideas don't require a ton of attention to detail, and if matched with the honoree's personality, would be just as fulfilling for the parent and guests alike.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys

When bringing or buying gifts for a boy's baby shower, pay attention to what the host or mother-to-be has specifically asked for. Most likely, you'll be given some direction. Gift registries are very common and are a very safe bet as the mother or parents-to-be have thoughtfully picked out every item on the list. If the invitation has a clear "no gifts, please" intention, be respectful. There's always a reason, and the last thing you want to do is make things more complicated for the new mother.

The etiquette around baby shower gift giving is a little more complex when there's no registry or guidelines in place. In this case, stick to what's most comfortable for you, or what most accurately represents your relationship with the mother or parents-to-be.

  • For Close Friends. If the parents-to-be are some of your closest friends, feel free to branch out and get something a little more personal. Clothing, specialized gift cards, music, or household knick-knacks are appropriate in this situation. You know best!
  • For the Casual Acquaintance. If the honoree is just an acquaintance, steer clear of the personal and go for basics. Cute baby outfits, books, bath accessories, blankets and traditional toys are a good, safe options in this case.
  • For the Crafty Types. If you're a true creative or a talented DIY-er, absolutely gift the mother or couple one of your fabulous creations! If arts and crafts are not your specialty, a baby shower gift is not the moment to test out your skills. When in doubt, ask the host or a close friend of the mother-to-be for suggestions; they'll always have an answer.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

orange personalized baby shower napkins with who knows mommy best card and matching baby shower invitation with foxes and unicorns

In terms of games and activities at a boy's baby shower, knowing your audience is key. If the crew is a group of close friends that would rather chat and catch-up than play baby-themed games, don't push an agenda. If you're hosting a larger shower with lots of guests who have just been introduced, games are a fun way to break the ice and get the party going! Regardless of what you choose, be mindful of who's in attendance, and the comfort level of the parents or mother-to-be.

Here are some our favorite baby boy shower game ideas:

  • Baby Charades. A round of good old-fashioned charades could be particularly fun if there's a good mix of men and women at the party. Create options like "it's a boy," "potty training," and "pacifier" – the options are endless.
  • Don't Say Baby. Pin a blue diaper or some other fun boy-themed memento on guests as they arrive. Guests are forbidden to say the word "baby," and if someone catches you in the act, they're allowed to take your pin for themselves. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize!
  • Baby Items in a Diaper Bag. Place a bunch of baby items in a diaper bag, and blindfold the guest so they have to choose a mystery item out of the bag and guess what it is. If there are enough people, consider breaking the group up into teams to create some fun and festive rivalry.
  • Wishes for Baby. Ask each guest to fill out their "wishes for the baby" during the party. They are fun to read out loud and make adorable keepsakes for scrapbooks, nursery décor and more. Find more of these baby shower games on Tiny Prints!

Visit our baby shower games generator for more game ideas!

Boy Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Last but not least, consider party favor ideas for your much-appreciated guests. Favors are a good idea and a kind gesture, particularly as baby shower gifts can be rather pricey. A cute take-home favor should fit with the theme of the party, but needn’t be too complicated.

  • Take Home Treats. A little treat to take home is always a good idea, and treats can be perfectly customized to the shower’s theme. For instance, cake pops or rock candy would match a confetti or sparkle-filled affair, and cupcakes or decorated cookies could be the perfect canvas for an animal, toy, or character-themed.
  • Crafty Favor. If you or your co-hosts are crafty, put together a little treat box or tin, lovingly decorated with the shower’s theme or colors. Coasters, banners or drink-tags are also great options for the DIY-ers among us.
  • Adults Only. If the shower is more adult themed, a mini-bottle of wine or champagne is the perfect favor for a sophisticated set. Whatever you choose, match the favors to the overall theme or direction of the shower, and as always, go with what feels most authentic for the guest of honor, the mother-to-be!
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