28 Best Baby Shower Games + Activities

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2019

When you’re expecting a little one, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a baby shower. Apart from having beautiful decorations, delicious food, and adorable invitations, you want to make sure you plan a few exciting games for your event. Since there are endless possibilities, we thought we’d round up our top 28 baby shower games and activities for you. From the classics to some modern twists on old favorites, there is a game for everyone on your guest list. Choose games that fit best with your baby shower’s theme, guest count, and the space provided for your party.

For easy and budget-friendly party planning, we created printables for a few of the games below. Download and print for hassle-free, wholesome fun.

Find the instructions for every game and activity below. Click the download button for each of the following printable baby shower games. Have fun!

Download Printable Games:

Art & Creative Games

decorated baby onesies.

Let your guests’ creative skills shine with these exciting artsy games. Whether it’s decorating baby items, helping you create cute keepsakes or personalizing diapers, they’re sure to have a blast.

1) Onesie Decoration

Mom can never have too many onesies for her new baby. Have your guests decorate and personalize a cute onesie for the baby.

Instructions: Place as many washer-safe materials for your guests to decorate with. Fabric paint, markers, hot glue guns, fabric patterns, and pom-poms are all great for this project. Stretch a onesie over a piece of cardboard to avoid staining any furniture. For added fun, give prizes to the cutest, funniest or most unique onesie design.

2) Place Card Mystery

Trick your guests by using a funny nickname on their place card. Print out these blank name cards and have the mom-to-be come up with a nickname for each of her guests. Once seated, these new names are sure to make your guests laugh.

Instructions: Before the shower, brainstorm some fun nicknames or inside jokes for each guest attending and write it on their place card. Be sure to write their actual name on the inside of the card. As guests enter, they will have to try and guess who’s who based on the made-up nicknames. Clues are encouraged.

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3) Baby Block Decorations

Blocks are fun, easy decorations to make for the baby’s room or toy box. Have guests design their own for a great baby shower game where everyone can take part.

Instructions: Have everyone decorate a blank block with markers, non-toxic paint, and felt shapes.

4) Diaper Notes

The soon-to-be mom and dad are sure to have an exhausting time ahead of them. Put together a diaper decorating station to give them a laugh during those long, sleepless nights.

Instructions: Have each guest write a funny saying, an encouraging message, or even some unconventional advice on the outside of a diaper using a marker or fabric paint.

5) Clay Baby Guessing Game

Ask your guests to channel their inner child and get creative with some molding clay. Make it fun by instructing them to predict what the baby will look like using their piece of clay. Will the baby have their mom’s nose? Their dad’s dimples? Let your guests decide!

Instructions: Grab some different colored packs of molding clay and give your guests 10 minutes to create the cutest baby they can. Then have everyone vote on the best-looking baby or have mom-to-be pick her favorite.

6) Baby’s First Book

baby's photo album.

This fun printable activity lets everyone get involved with creating the baby’s first book. Be sure to gather and bind the pages with some twine for a sweet keepsake for the parents-to-be.

Instructions: With these alphabet printables, invite all guests to choose a few letters to color in and decorate. Provide a few blank pages for them to add a special message or draw their own figures. By the end of the party, you will have a finished personalized book for the baby.

7) Baby Sketch

What’s so hard about drawing a baby on a paper plate? How about when the plate is on your forehead?

Instructions: Using a paper plate and marker, have each player draw a baby on a paper plate. However, they must hold the paper plate to their forehead when making their drawing. Set the time to a minute, the most realistic looking baby wins!

Team Games

women playing baby shower games.

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Plan some of the games below to create a fun icebreaker for your party. Whether you have your guests make some adult diapers or chug milk from a bottle, these games are sure to add some playful intensity.

8) Adult Diapers

Creating a diaper with toilet paper may sound crazy, but it’s a ton of fun. Use toilet paper or colorful crepe paper streamers and watch your guests turn into big babies.

Instructions: Divide guests into equal teams and set the timer to five minutes. Have them create a makeshift diaper for a team member using only a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper. The first team to finish the roll wins! Remind them that the paper has to be wrapped like a diaper.

9) What’s In Your Purse?

Get the diaper bag ready for mon with this exciting game. Whether they’re packing some diapers or a cellphone, mom will be ready to handle everything after your guests help put together the most complete diaper bag.

Instructions: Search your purse to see how many items you can use to pack mom’s diaper bag. For more points, place your players into teams. The player or team with the most items collected wins.

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10) Bottle Chug Relay

Easy, on-theme, and hilarious––what more could you want in a baby shower game? Watching your guests chug milk from a bottle as fast as they can is sure to cause laughter all around.

Instructions: Break everyone into two equal teams and set up a bottle for each player. Each player has to chug a liquid of your choice from a baby bottle. It can be water, milk, juice, or even beer. Once the first player finishes the bottle, the next player on the team can start chugging their bottle. The first team to finish all bottles wins. Make sure no one tries to cheat by unscrewing the top or piercing bigger holes with their teeth!

11) Feeding Time

Trying to feed each other blindfolded is hard. Add a time limit, and you’ve got yourself one difficult, messy and fun game.

Instructions: Have your guests pick a partner. One player will get a blindfold while the other one gets a bib. The blindfolded player will have one minute to feed their partner a whole jar of applesauce. Then switch! Whichever team can successfully feed both members in under two minutes wins.

Large Group Games

women at a baby shower.

Keeping a large group entertained isn’t always easy. Make sure everyone at your party has a good time with one of these crowd-pleasing games. From tasting baby food to smelling chocolate from a diaper, these games are fun no matter your age or skill level.

12) What’s The Price?

Having a baby is expensive. Incorporate this game into your baby shower and watch your guests scratch their heads as they guess the right prices for popular baby items. For a more authentic experience, stick some foldable tags on the side of each item with the correct price.

Instructions: On a table, place five to 10 different baby items with varying prices. Make sure the tag or note card with the correct price is hidden from everyone’s view. Give each guest a chance to estimate the price of each. Each guest will get a chance to guess the price of one of the items. For an added level of fun and difficulty, start with five players and the player with the closest guess stays for the next round. Once everyone has gone up and played, the last player standing wins!

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13) Baby Bump

This classic game is a must at every baby shower. Can you guess the size of the mom-to-be’s belly?

Instructions: Pass a ball of yarn or a toilet paper roll around and have each guest guess the size of mom’s belly by cutting the appropriate length of yarn or tissue. After everyone is done cutting their strands, take turns measuring the mom-to-be’s belly with each strand. The player with the closest measurement wins.

14) Baby Food Taste Test

women taste testing baby food at a baby shower.

Test how well your guests know their baby food. Whether it’s carrot, pea, or pear baby food, your guests are sure to have a good laugh.

Instructions: This can be done in one large group of individual players or in pairs. Have each guest do a blind taste test of five to 10 unique baby foods. Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins!

15) What’s That Smell?

Another messy classic. Fill a diaper with chocolate and see if your guests can tell which kind of candy bar made a mess on the diaper.

Instructions: Gather many different kinds of chocolate candy bars and the same number of diapers. Smear or melt each candy bar into a different diaper by placing it in the microwave for a few seconds. Assign each diaper a number and pass it around one at a time. As your guests smell and observe each diaper, have them write down the name of the candy bar used. The player with the most correct answers wins!

16) Baby Bingo

baby shower bingo.

Everyone enjoys a good game of bingo––and it’s even better when it’s baby-themed. Play while the mom-to-be opens her presents for a super interactive game.

Instructions: Print these bingo cards and hand out to all of your guests at the shower along with chips or markers to cross off each item. Every gift the mom-to-be opens becomes a bingo item. The first player to form a line wins.

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17) Baby Bag

Show off your baby knowledge by guessing what’s in the baby bag. Whether you’re a parent, teen or kid, guessing your way through baby bag items solely by touch is sure to bring out your competitive side.

Instructions: Fill up a diaper bag with baby items like bottles, diapers, bibs, rattles, pacifiers, etc. Then, with a blindfold or their eyes closed, each guest has one minute each to feel inside the bag and say what they think is in the bag. Whoever gets the most items correct wins!

18) Baby Ice Cube

You may need to plan ahead for this game, but it’s super fun nonetheless. At your local craft store, buy an ice tray or mold to make baby-shaped ice cubes.

Instructions: On the day of the shower, give each player a baby ice cube to toss in their drink at the same time. The first player whose ice melts must yell, “My water broke!” to win.

19) Mommy Trivia

An essential part of any baby shower is to celebrate the mom-to-be. Allow your guests to get to know her even more with a round of trivia.

Instructions: Print this list of questions and pass around for your guests to answer. As mom reveals the answers, your guests will keep track of their sheet. The player with the highest score wins.

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20) Baby Face

baby girl smiling.

In your baby shower invitations, encourage everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves. Can you guess who’s who?

Instructions: Arrange everyone’s photo on a pinboard, clothesline, or wall. Assign them a number and hand out paper and pen to your guests. Have everyone write down who they think each baby is. As a group, reveal the answers and have each player track their points to find the winner.

21) Say Baby

The mom-to-be is bound to say the word “baby” quite a few times, so take this opportunity and make it a game everyone can participate in.

Instructions: As people arrive, write down their name and the number of times they think mom will say “baby.” Secretly assign a scorekeeper and make sure the mom-to-be doesn’t know you’re playing. The closest guess wins.

22) Don’t Say Baby

Opposite of the game above, use the words in the printables below as a list of “prohibited words.” Give all of your guests a ribbon, and if someone hears another person say a word from the list, they can steal the ribbon from them.

Instructions: At the beginning of the shower, give everyone a colored ribbon or beaded necklace to wear. Give each player a printable card so they remember which words they aren’t allowed to say during the game. If a player catches someone else saying any of the words, they can take their ribbon or necklace. Whoever has the most at the end wins!

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Games For The Table

baby shower hot air balloon table sign.

Since most parties have table arrangements, encourage interaction with a few entertaining table games. Make sure you set up enough pens, paper, and the printables below to play each game.

23) Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

You may think you’re an expert at nursery rhymes but wait until you’re quizzed with these printables before you dub yourself the champ. Complete the lyrics to these popular nursery rhymes on the fill-in-the-blank cards and show everyone else your skills.

Instructions: Give each guest a card with a few well-known nursery rhymes and have each guest try to fill them out to the best of their memory. Compare at the end and see who got the most right. Give them a set time for an added level of difficulty.

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24) Things I Love About The Mom-To-Be

The mom-to-be deserves to know how much you love her with these printable fill-in-the-blank cards. Whether it’s an endearing message or an out-of-the-box tip for a new mom, she’s sure to appreciate the love.

Instructions: Print and place one of these cards at every place setting and have the guests fill them out. At the end of the shower, collect and save so Mom can enjoy some fun memories.

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25) Mommy Scramble

mommy baby shower scramble.

Everyone loves a challenge. See who can find the most baby-themed words in this simple, printable baby shower scramble.

Instructions: Print copies of this game and place a few at every table with a few pens or markers. All of the words listed at the bottom of the sheet are hidden in different directions in the top section. If guests find every word in the scramble, ask them to turn in their sheets. At the end, randomly select a winner from one of the sheets to get a prize!

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26) Baby Stats

These printables are perfect for those who love guessing games and some delayed gratification. It’s filled with questions and predictions about the baby, like gender, weight, eye color, and more! You won’t know who won until after the baby is born!

Instructions: Have each guest fill out a card with questions about baby predicting the gender, weight, eye color, and due date. Place the completed cards in a jar for safekeeping. Once the baby is born, mom and dad can go through and see who has the best intuition.

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27) Mommy’s Budget Helpers

Help the mom-to-be figure out some of her new baby expenses. Find out how well you know the price of essential baby items like diapers, baby bottles, and pacifiers.

Instructions: Print these baby budget sheets and hand them out to your guests. Give them two minutes to make their guesses and add up the final cost at the bottom. The player with the closest guess wins.

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28) The Sweet Life

blue baby shower cupcakes.

It’s time to look on the bright side with this fun matching game. Match these common pregnancy terms to popular candy bars for a good laugh.

Instructions: Print a copy for each player and set the timer to one or two minutes depending on how generous you’re feeling. Each player will have to match a pregnancy term to the most fitting candy bar. The player who matches all of them correctly wins the prize. As a prize, we suggest a treat jar filled with fun-size candy bars.

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Want a baby shower filled with exciting games? Download all of our free baby shower game printables below and start planning a memorable event the mom-to-be and guests will enjoy. After your joyous event, don’t forget to have the guest of honor write some personalized thank you cards for all of those who attended.

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