Baby Shower Themes for Boys and Girls

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Baby showers make for beautiful and joy-filled celebrations of life. They’re one of the most important traditions to follow when a new arrival is on its way. It’s your job as the hostess to make sure that the shower highlights the mother and the new life she’s about to bring into the world. So, if you’re looking for baby shower themes that will help you do the job right, we’re here to help. Check out these baby shower themes for boys and girls to get you started. Or you can opt for gender neutral baby shower themes for baby showers that depend less on gender and more on neutral themes that are still fun. Along the way, you’ll also find other great ideas for baby showers and baby shower etiquette. Browse these themes to get started then check out baby shower invitations for boys and girls.

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Themes and Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower

A baby shower theme not only helps you start planning the decorations, invitations, and general supplies for a baby shower, but also helps to make it memorable. Decide on your theme early, using the following ideas for guidance, in order to make sure your shower will be one for the books. Baby shower themes help make the party cohesive, so be sure to incorporate the theme from baby shower invites to games and food.

Smiling pregnant woman with female friends at baby shower. Group of female friends meeting for baby shower at home.

Baby Shower Themes Unisex

Sometimes the mother and father of the new arrival want to keep the gender a secret. Other times, it just doesn’t matter to them. All they care about is how excited they are for their new family member. If you’re looking for unisex or gender neutral baby shower themes, you’ll have a lot of creative freedom on your hands. Consider choosing the mother’s favorite color palette or a theme that corresponds with the mother and father’s favorite hobbies. Or you can opt for more specific themes such as safari, favorite children’s books, or seasonal baby shower themes. Get inspired with these neutral baby shower invitations.

Safari Theme Baby Shower

Everyone loves a safari, and it makes for a perfect and classic baby shower theme. Include plenty of animal and safari colored decor. Also, you can feature green, tan, and orange balloons, streamers, and cupcakes. Add greenery throughout the party for a jungle feel with potted plants and blooms in vases. You can even incorporate the safari theme into the food you serve, party favors for the guests, and of course, baby shower invitations.

Book Themed Baby Shower

Book themed baby showers are both cute and practical. Encourage all guests to bring a copy of their favorite children’s book, signed with a letter to the baby. After one of these showers the new arrival will start with full shelves of the best children’s books. The parents will enjoy reading all of the heartfelt notes for years to come, and as your child grows, he or she will continue to feel the love from these books throughout childhood.

Decorating for book themed baby showers can take a hint from books themselves. Add literary inspiration to the party with letter and word signs, quotes from favorite authors, and games that draw upon knowledge of favorite children’s books. You can even include baby shower games like advice cards asking guests to put pen to paper and write down words of encouragement and parenting wisdom. When it comes to baby shower invitations for the book themed shower, be sure to use the cards to ask guests in advance to bring a copy of a book that’s meaningful to them.

Fall Themed Baby Shower

If the mom-to-be is expecting in the fall, take advantage of the seasonal fall decor and plan your shower around it. Fall colors are easy to reproduce in streamers, balloons, and table settings. Plus, you’ll have a wide variety of options for food and drinks.

The fall season also has so many wonderful holidays to inspire the baby shower. Throw a festive Halloween baby shower and let your imagination run wild with the decor, food, costume, and gift ideas for the parents-to-be. Encourage guests to come in costume and reminisce on favorite moments from childhood. What better way to prepare for the birth of a new child than with celebrating your childhood? Thanksgiving is another great fall holiday that can inspire a whole host of baby shower ideas, games, and food. Whichever direction you go for fall themed baby showers, these beautiful baby shower invites will help you set the theme from the start.

Twin Baby Shower Themes

Twins means twice the fun! Highlight the upcoming arrival of two little ones with double themed decor. Have two cakes, two color themes, and games to play in duos.When it comes to choosing the best themes for twins baby showers, you can find inspiration from the best pairings. Think things that belong together like peanut butter and jelly, mama bird and baby bird, One Fish Two Fish, tea for two, Mario and Luigi, and other great combinations.

Decorating for twins baby showers will be a delight whatever theme you choose. Be sure to include, or at least hint at, the theme in your baby shower invitations so that guests can be prepared for whatever double-trouble you have planned.

Animal Themed Baby Shower

Lions, and tigers, and bears: oh my! Pick a favorite animal or include a whole circus of them. Then incorporate the wild things into the cupcakes, decor, and invitations. Animal themed baby showers give you endless options for games and decorations, so the sky’s the limit for celebrating the parents-to-be. Add whimsical decor like framed wall art of animals, hanging floral banners, greenery, and touches of animals to party favors, baby shower games, eats, and baby shower invites.

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Unique Baby Shower Themes

If you’re looking for a theme as unique as the parents, dig a little deeper. Consider favorite hobbies, careers, movies, books, and more. What represents the parents and their growing family? Maybe a “Choose-your-own-adventure” theme would be a perfect fit for the story-book loving parents. Or maybe they’d be over the moon for a Candyland themed shower. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s special to the couple.

Baby Shower Themes For Boys

If you’re expecting a boy, consider crafting a shower that highlights all the amazing things he’ll grow up to be. Start your brainstorm with the boy baby shower themes we’ve picked out below.

Elephant Themed Baby Shower

Elephants make for a classic baby shower theme. Pair a baby blue color palette with elephant imagery and add some unique touches. You can include details like bags of peanuts as snacks, elephant themed table decorations, and elephant baby shower invitations.Set out a “trunk” to store baby shower gifts for the expecting parents, add elephant stickers here and there, and decorate cupcakes with elephant toppers.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower

Elephants aren’t the only baby-shower appropriate animal from the jungle. Consider throwing a jungle themed baby shower complete with leafy green decor, monkey imagery, and tropical fruits. Floral decor like banners and greenery will help you set the scene, and you can easily incorporate the jungle mood into the rest of the party with jungle music, bright-colored and tropical foods, festive games, and baby shower invitations.

Nautical Theme Baby Shower

Anchors away! For expecting parents who love the ocean, plan a nautical baby shower theme and create a seascape full of fun and celebration. If you want the baby shower to feel as if you’re setting out for sea, make sure to include plenty of blue and white table settings, anchor cut outs, and sails. Add baby shower decorations like banners and nautical signs, boat paraphernalia such as life jackets, and more. You can serve food with a nautical flair or disguise baby shower food favorites to look like seafood. Ask all guests to come dressed in nautical style clothing for a fun twist. Just be sure to give guests plenty of warning in advance by informing them on the baby shower invites.

Prince Themed Baby Shower

You know a little prince is about to arrive, so don’t be afraid to let the whole world know with a prince themed party. Make the parents-to-be feel like royalty as you welcome them to their shower. You can even have then dress the part with cape and crown. Include dark purple and gold accents, crowns, and all the luxury you can fit. From banners to candlesticks, celebrate the baby prince.

Sports Themed Baby Shower

If the parents’ weekends are often filled with sports and activities and they can’t wait to put a baseball or football in their baby’s arms, a sports baby shower might be just right. Feature sports memorabilia, baseball cupcakes, football-shaped dip, and a baseball maternity shirt for lots of sporty fun. Set the baby shower theme from the start with baby shower invitations that invite guests to get in on the sports-fueled fun.

Table of sweets at a baby shower. They are trimmed with pale blue

Lion King Themed Baby Shower

Lion Kings remains a popular baby shower theme and fan favorite for a reason: it’s easy to pull off and looks great in the end. Throw a party to showcase the little lion before he arrives with lion themed decor, Lion King invites, and a Lion Ling inspired soundtrack. This baby shower theme can easily pull from jungle and safari baby shower themes for decor like greenery, jungle streamers, and more.

Owl Themed Baby Shower

Owl themes are cute, simple, and perfect to highlight a little boy who you know will be wise beyond his years. Turn a round cake into an owl head with just two eyes and a beak made out of icing, and draw on the same features to white and blue balloons.

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

If a little girl is on her way, make sure to craft a baby shower as sweet and special as she’s sure to be. Check out the following baby shower themes if you’re looking to get started on a picture perfect girl’s baby shower.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

You don’t need a magic mirror to tell you this little girl will be the fairest in the land, but it doesn’t hurt to throw a woodland themed baby shower to prove it. Complete this look with twigs, twine, and plenty of woodland creature imagery. Other easy baby shower decor includes potted plants, florals, buds in vases, and fun party treats like cupcakes topped with woodland creatures.

Princess Theme Baby Shower

She’s already your little princess, so plan a party to match. Decorate with pink and gold (or pink, white, and silver) balloons, plating, and anywhere else you can fit the color scheme. Opt for strawberry cake, watermelon salad, and any of the mother-to-be’s favorites. Treat the expecting mom like royalty and make sure she feels pampered as she prepares to welcome her precious baby girl. You can complete the princess baby shower theme with baby shower invitations for girls.

Cookies decorated with a baby girl theme

Mermaid Themed Baby Shower

Transform your baby shower into an under-the-seascape with mermaid inspired decor. Along with a blue color scheme, you can incorporate fun details like seashells and snack bowls of goldfish. Add nautical elements wherever you can, and complete the look with fun decorations like signs and other ocean-themed details.

Paris Themed Baby Shower

Opt for a Parisian baby shower if you want to fill your party with good food and good friends. Feature a scaled down Eiffel Tower as a centerpiece, provide plenty of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, and opt for Parisian accents on the table settings and banners. Encourage guests to dress the part and hand out berets as a fun party gift. Set the Parisian stage with baby shower invitations for baby girls.

Unicorn Themed Baby Shower

Highlight how special the newest family member is with a very special theme. The best unicorn themes are pulled off with plenty of color, sparkles, and white accents. Pass out sparkly tiaras to guests for a fun bay shower favor, fill the food table with sprinkled cupcakes and bejeweled cups, decorate with rainbows and colorful streamers. Get guests in on the fun with sweet baby shower invitations.

Beach Theme Baby Shower

A day at the beach might be just what the expectant mother needs. To pull off this summer theme make sure to include plenty of refreshing drinks, beach balls, and a barbecue set up. You can even set up a kiddy pool for the mom-to-be to rest her feet. Fun beachy details like banners, tumblers, and signs will complete the look.

Travel Themed Baby Shower

You already know this baby will be a jetsetter, so kick off her baby shower with a theme to match. Include foods from around the world, plenty of map and travel decor, and help the mother-to-be feel like she’s on a temporary vacation. Foods from around the world will surprise and delight both mom-to-be and guests. Get started on a travel themed baby shower with neutral or baby girl shower invitations.

Other Baby Shower Theme Resources

If you’re looking for additional inspiration for your upcoming baby shower, try browsing our baby shower invitation collection. The designs might help steer you into a theme you’ll love.

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