Baptism Guide: Baptism Invitations, Gifts, & More

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Christenings and baptisms are a special time in a young person’s life, as well as a meaningful celebration for family and friends close to the honoree. If you are preparing for the baptism of a baby, child, or someone else close to you, you may be looking into the basics for understanding the event, such as determining christening vs. baptism, the differences between Catholic baptism and Christian baptism, as well as other fundamental questions like “what is baptism?” And “what does baptism mean?”

There are many things to consider when planning or attending a baptism or christening ceremony from what to bring as a gift to how to celebrate the ceremony afterwards. Start here to learn about baptisms and christenings as a guest or an honoree. Or if you’re hosting the event, get started sending baptism invitations.

Father holding his baby while he is baptized from pastor in a church

What Is Baptism?

Baptism is the religious rite of passage that many Christians and Catholics undertake to vow dedication to their faith. While parents may choose to have their children baptized at a young age, performing the ceremony as a dedication to raising them in the church, baptism can also happen at any point in one’s spiritual journey. In Catholicism, baptism is one of the seven sacraments and is performed in a church surrounded by the honorees closest family members and friends.

What Does Baptism Mean?

Baptism means a commitment to following the Christian faith, and doing so in a way that publicly declares one’s faith and dedication to God. Being baptized also means an outward expression of one’s faith, symbolized through the purification from sin through holy water, blessings, and prayers. Baptism is also made meaningful by the involvement of friends and family in the ceremony, who support the honoree during the ceremony or in a get-together afterward. Welcome others to celebrate with you on the special day with baptism invitations featuring beautiful golden cross designs and cursive font options to choose from.

Outdoor baptism party with family and friends gathering

Christening Vs. Baptism

What’s the difference between christening vs. baptism? A baptism is a religious ceremony that takes place in a church and is one of the seven sacraments in Catholicism, whereas a christening is a naming ceremony. It is common during a baptism for the honoree to receive a new name (christening), which is why you’ll often see the terms used together.

Baptism Gifts for Boys

Looking for baptism gifts for boys and girls? Or the best baptism gifts to bring to the baptism reception? While gifts for baptisms are not expected, they are thoughtful gestures that recognize the significance of the day and the religious commitment the honoree has made. If you’ve received a baptism invitation, depending on how well you know the family, you may choose to bring a small gift to err on the side of politeness and to show the family how much the honoree means to you.

Brown and orange baptism gift box resting on a white sheet

Baptism Gifts for Girls

Similar to baptism gifts for boys, the best baptism gifts for girls come from the heart. Baptism gifts are about nurturing the honoree’s relationship with their faith, and you can do so with thoughtful christening or baptism gifts. Give the gift of a Bible with a heartfelt handwritten note or prayer dedicating it to them, a children’s Bible, a personalized gift, a customized sign with the honorees name on it, a piece of jewelry with a cross charm or pendant, a keepsake box, and so much more. Whichever route you choose for christening gifts and baptism gifts, the honoree will appreciate the thought and time you put into their special day and will be sure to look back on this significant moment in their life years down the line.

Baptism Cards

Baptism cards are thoughtful gestures to recognize the person receiving baptism. So, its important to write out a special message to commemorate the occasion and person being celebrated. If the honoree is too young to read the cards, the parents still appreciate the thought, and the baptism cards are often kept as thoughtful keepsakes to read later on. Bring baptism cards to the event if you are attending, or, if you received a baptism invitation and cannot attend, send out your card beforehand with custom envelopes available in different colors and designs to make a beautiful statement. Be sure to include some inspirational thoughts and kind words in your baptism card message.

Gender neutral baptism invitation featuring a gold cross and the word baptism written in cursive

Baptism Invitations

Looking to send baptism invitations? Whether you host the baptism in your home or at your local church, it’s common to host a small gathering afterwards to bring together loved ones in the name of the honoree. The get-together can range from small and intimate, such as immediate family members sharing a meal, to a much larger event that welcomes family, friends, and fellow parishioners who want to celebrate with you and the person receiving baptism. No matter the size or format you choose, you can send custom baptism invitations that make the day special for the baptism recipient. We have plenty of gender neutral themes to choose from in addition to artistic baptism invitations featuring beautiful floral print designs and subtle touches of greenery.

Make the Special Occasion One to Remember

However you choose to celebrate someones baptism or christening whether you’re hosting or attending as a guest, its important to make this momentous occasion one to remember for years to come. If hosting, be sure that all the honorees closest friends and family members are invited to the event with custom baptism invitations, and that you make reservations somewhere afterwards to bring everyone together to celebrate the ceremony. Friends and family will want to congratulate the honoree and exchange stories so this is one of the biggest parts of the event. If you’re attending as a guest, be sure to show up to the baptism or christening ceremony on time, and bring a thoughtful gift for the family or honoree for them to look back on.

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