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Cute Girl Baby Shower Ideas

shop chalkboard and pink baby shower invitations with animals

A baby shower for a new baby girl is a special, memorable affair. When planning a shower for a mother-to-be and her baby girl, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of details to plan and execute. The best plan of action is to work with the blessing of the mother-to-be, or if the shower is a surprise, with the help and support of a trusted friend or relative. Décor, entertainment, and food and beverage choices are all important decisions, but for baby showers for girls, the most important aspect is the celebration itself.

The three steps in your planning process should be:

  • Decide on a theme
  • Get your party planning in motion and decide on décor, food and favors.
  • Invite your guests (based on the wishes of the mother-to-be, of course)

Baby showers should be held between the middle of the 2nd or 3rd trimesters, and baby shower invitations should be sent six weeks in advance for the best response. Traditionally, the honoree's mother or close female relative hosts the event, but again, these decisions are best made in concert with the mother-to-be.

mint green cake with matching cupcakes and deer toppers with candy jar favors

Girl Baby Shower Themes and Decorations

Aesthetics are particularly important when it comes to baby showers for girls. If an elaborate and detailed party doesn't appeal to you or to the mother-to-be, try sticking with a color or color pairing idea. It's simple, chic, and easy to execute. A great place to find inspiration for themes is by choosing a beautiful baby shower invitation to set the tone. See below for a list of our favorite ideas. There's something for everyone!

Colors or Color Pairings. Use a traditional pink theme, or pink paired with a fun or seasonal color for a clean and sophisticated look. Pink and gold, pink and mint, pink and yellow, and of course pink and lavender are a few timeless choices. Mix it up with a "pastels" theme, or stick with a classic with a cute spin like "pretty in pink" or "tickled pink."

shop chalkboard baby shower invitation with yellow and gold foil and matching yellow gift tag stickers

Nursery Theme. This theme is clearly a classic for a baby shower, and we love how it can be adjusted to suit classic, girly, and modern tastes. Put an extra spin on the décor and throw a glam, rustic, chic, or modern nursery party.

Animals or Characters. Showers for girls require a slightly lighter touch when it comes to animal or character themes. Keep the animal ideas friendly – rabbits, birds, giraffes, and horses are all good choices.

Fun Phrases. We love a shower based around a phrase or idea. “You are my sunshine,” “Queen Bee,” “Thank heaven for little girls,” or “About to pop” are a few of our favorites. Start off with some custom invitations and use theme throughout.

Food or Treats. A tapas, cravings, or fortune cookie theme could work perfectly for a mom-to-be who is a foodie or for a hungry crowd. Consider “Sweet pea” for an added touch of color and whimsy, or “Georgia peach” for a location-friendly idea.

Floral or Graphic. Anything floral or botanical-themed is a perfect solution for a theme that’s classic and sophisticated, yet still appropriately girly. Consider a garden party if an outdoor venue is available, or bring the outside in with specialty floral arrangements. If you love the idea of a graphic theme but think floral is too stuffy, hearts, stars, suns or moons offer a fun alternative.

heart shaped chalkboard with pink flowers baby shower invitation and match envelope liner and chalkboard gift tag stickers for baby shower favors

Time of Day. Morning or afternoon showers in particular seem to lend themselves to girls. However, a sophisticated evening soiree could work perfectly for a large or mixed-gender shower. A baby shower tea party presents a lot of helpful direction and parameters, and if this idea suits your mother-to-be, it could be a no-brainer!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Girls

As always, you can never go wrong sticking to the registry. New parents-to-be will always take care to register for gifts they really want and need, so registries are a little more than a suggestion. If you’re going to go rogue and steer clear of the registry, check your idea with a trusted friend or relative. A cute, inexpensive gift relating to the theme might be a nice alternative, but again, it’s best to check.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

It’s important to plan carefully when it comes to games at baby showers. Check with the honoree to determine her comfort level, and plan accordingly. Be mindful of the guest list as well; a small group of very close friends and family may prefer to avoid the traditional shower games and enjoy time together. A larger group of acquaintances might appreciate a few activities to get to know each other better and mingle!

We’ve assembled a list of our favorite games for girls below:

who knows mom best baby shower game card that matches baby shower invitation
  • Pin the Diaper on the Baby. We love that this game is fun, traditional, and easy to assemble and execute. Invite the mother-to-be to pin first, and plan for a cute blindfold for some fun photo-ops!
  • Guess the Baby Food. If you’re inviting an adventurous crowd, arrange a sample of popular baby food (labels removed), bring out the spoons and ask guests to start sampling! The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize!
  • Diaper Raffle. If the hosts or the mother-to-be are crafty or skilled foodies, whip up a creative or tasty treat and host a raffle at the shower! To enter, guests have to bring a package of diapers, which they’ll exchange for a ticket. There will be stacks of diapers by the end of the party, and the new parents will be beyond grateful when they have a stash to use for their new baby.
  • Baby Picasso. Get your guests in touch with their artsy selves with this fun and active shower game. Give each guest paper and crayons, or finger paint if you’re comfortable with a little added mess. Take turns blindfolding groups of guests, and then ask them to try their best to draw a baby. The mother-to-be will select her favorite drawing, and the artist wins a prize.

You can find more baby shower game ideas here!

Cute Baby Girl Shower Favor Ideas

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  • Personalized Products. For a girl baby shower, consider sending your guests home with a themed candle or beauty products customized for the shower. Personalized mason jars of cookie mix are another fun (and more gender-neutral) alternative!
  • Favor Boxes or Tins. Send your guests home with a few sweet treats in a cute theme-appropriate box or tin. The container could make a perfect addition to a table or home office, and sweets are always appreciated.
  • Flowers. Particularly if you’re hosting a floral, outdoor, or garden-themed shower, a little bundle of flowers to take home is the perfect way to thank your guests for their time. Coordinate your arrangements with the colors in the shower, and consider customizing ribbons with a quick thank you to tie it all together.

The connection between mother and daughter is so unique, and a thoughtful and creative baby shower is the perfect beginning to a lifetime of memories. This should be a happy and memorable event for the mom to be. Let Tiny Prints help you make her day special!

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