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Housewarming Party Ideas to Celebrate Your New Home

Renting or purchasing a home is an important step in anybody's life. It's a sign of moving forward and maturing. It's a great time to celebrate and be happy for all of your accomplishments. Throwing a great party is one way to get everyone together to honor you and your achievements. A housewarming party is the time to show off to your friends and family your new home. If you want to make this a unique and personal experience, there are some ideas to help you get started when you're looking to plan your party.

A typical housewarming party is a chance for someone to put their home on display once they move in. It's essential to make sure everything's ready to display. Add a quick touch of personalization with custom wall art, pillows, or even a monogrammed throw blanket. The housewarming party is also an occasion for everyone to come down and to bring lovely presents to help furnish your new home. It's also a time for everyone to spend some quality time together and to just hang out.

couple holding hands in front of door of new house

Image by Ciara Richardson Photography.

Send Housewarming Party Invitations

To begin planning your own personal housewarming party, you want to begin thinking about what guests you would like to invite. Generally, this would include close friends and family who live in the area. The number of people you can invite would generally depend on the space you have available and how much you can afford.

A budget is very critical when planning for a party. As a new home owner, it's likely that you're going to be short on funds. A housewarming party is very do-able even on a shorter income. Since you can have the party at home, you won't need to splurge for a fancy venue or anything like that. The biggest expense is likely to be food. Before you send out any housewarming party invitations, determine how much you're willing to spend. Make different categories in your budget such as food, drinks, entertainment, and any decorations.

Prepare Your Home

Before your guests arrive, it's always nice to make the house shine and look its best. It'll give your guests the chance to see why you fell in love with the place. Bright flowers, decorative paintings, shiny floors and cute personal touches like custom wall art are all nice to have when they first walk in. But keep in mind that you just moved in and that the house does not have to be perfect. People know you just moved in so they aren't going to be expecting much. Just make sure that everyone has room to sit and move around in. Also, most people are going to be expecting a house tour so make sure that everything is clean and tidy. You can even take some pictures of it beforehand and send it out to relatives who can't make it to the party. You can also include some pictures on the back of the invitations you send out.

coral and gold color scheme living room with four pieces of wall art, coral pillows with monograms and geometric prints and fur carpet

Food and Beverages

As mentioned, food is an important part of any party. But if you want to keep things cheaper, you can make plenty of foods yourself. Some appetizers such as chips and dips are pretty inexpensive. You can also choose to make some homemade treats such as lemonade, popsicles, or macaroni salad. Another option would be to ask the guests to bring some food of their choice to the party. This could make things more of a potluck and keep things very casual. However, most guests are expected to bring a gift and it may not be a good idea to expect them to bring entrees as well.

Drinks are another aspect of the party. If a lot of your guests are expected to be staying late and driving home, it's probably not a good idea to serve alcohol. However, if the option is there and it's safe enough, you can still have some drinking options. Cocktails and margaritas are simple and quick options for your guests that don't cost a lot. If you prefer to celebrate without the booze, you can have fruit juices, soda, and water.

Housewarming Party Games and Decorations

If the weather is nice, you can choose to throw your party outdoors. You can give everyone a quick tour of the inside, but having things outside generally leads to more space and feeling relaxed. It also helps keep any messes away from the inside of your new house. You can throw out some tables to put some food on and have a designated area for any gifts. Ideas for decorations would be lanterns, personalized throw blankets and pillows, a gazebo, or some fun lawn gnomes.

Activities for your guests would be a good idea. It's really up to how you would like to go about the entertainment. You can simply have it be an opportunity for everyone to get together and talk or you can choose to go all out. You can create a dancefloor somewhere and have your guests dance the night away. You can also host an elaborate dinner with your favorite food and drinks. Or maybe you can shake things up and have a game night. A movie night is another great chance to get all snuggly in your new home. Showcase some favorite movies in your living room or even out in the backyard. No matter what you like, you can find something that will create lasting memories in your new home.

While everyone is having a nice time lounging around, it would be nice if you passed out a book or something for everyone to sign their names into. They can send you some well wishes and messages. This is a sweet item to have because you can always come back to it and read what your guests said to you. You can also have everyone leave their mark on your home. Perhaps some guests can sign their name on a piece of wood and you can hang that up in your home. Or maybe place their palm somewhere and make a painting out of it. Whatever you do, it's a valuable idea to get everyone together to leave some lasting memories and items from your party.

When thinking of decoration ideas, it's really up to you if you want to get wild or not. You can choose to keep things simple and just have your house looking shiny and clean. Or you can make things have a fun theme such as night at a casino, or a disco. You can make plenty of the decorations yourself. Typically housewarmings are to celebrate the beginning of a new journey and to spend time with friends in family in your new place, so it's not always necessary to have a theme but definitely fun to incorporate. Because these parties tend to be more low-key, themes are also not always needed, but be sure to pay attention and snap as many photos as you can. Photos of your friends and loved ones together make fabulous additions to personalized photo gifts and even custom wall art for your new home!

there's no place like home housewarming party invitation with rooster

Housewarming Gift Ideas and Party Favors

It's also a good idea to take into consideration your guests needs. It's likely that they're going to be walking in and out everywhere, so be sure to set up the furniture so that they have ample room to move about. Don't forget about the bathroom. Make sure everyone knows where it's located when they first show up so they don't have to stumble around for it later. Fresh towels and plenty of soap are a must. If you have any guests who are going to bring small children, find some activities for them to do while the grownups talk. Have some movies available, coloring books, or a small area to play in. Children can even have their own table to sit out during dinner or other events. Your guests will definitely appreciate that you took the time to think about them.

If your guests do decide to bring you presents, it's best not to make a big show out of it in front of all of your guests. Not everyone can afford to bring one and it's not always their job to do so. Discreetly put all gifts in their designated spot and express your gratitude for the person who brought it. If guests ask you ahead of time if they should get you anything, it's best to just ask for their love and support. If they insist, ask for something small that you can use often. A small piece of wall art featuring their favorite photo is an easy, fun idea, and it'll make them feel good if you display it in your home afterward. For those attending a housewarming party, a great gift can include anything that can be useful the home such as kitchenware, home décor or gift cards to department and hardware stores. It's important for the host to show appreciation for these gifts by sending a sweet thank you note explaining how much their gift meant and how it will be put to use.

Before your guests leave, it's important to show them that you appreciate them attending. Gift bags are a cute way to show them that thanks. You can put simple things such as candy, sweet-smelling soap, or fresh picked flowers in vases. This can help bring something from your home into the home of your family or friends. You can also give them something they can keep as a memento such as a rock or leaf from your new home.

In the end, a housewarming party is a great chance to show off your new home to everyone. Friends and family are sure to be proud of your accomplishments and will be thoroughly excited to see everything. You can plan out some fun activities that will create lasting memories for you and set up a loving atmosphere in your new home. You worked hard to move into your new house, so don't be afraid to show it off!

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