What to Write in a Christmas Card

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Christmas cards are one of those long lasting traditions that make Christmas the sentimental holiday it is. Cards help families and friends reconnect and share any going-on’s that they may have otherwise not had time for during the year. Make sure that your Christmas card messages and wishes are saying everything they should with the ideas below.

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What to Write in a Christmas Card

Writing the perfect Christmas card is simple as long as you know what to include. Christmas cards are primarily made up of the following parts: the greeting, a personal message, a chosen holiday quote or message, your signed name, and family photos. We’ve broken these sections down into more detail below:

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Christmas Card Greetings

Christmas card greetings are the first thing a loved one reads when your card arrives, so make sure you spend enough time finding one. Greetings both convey holiday cheer and establish your warm wishes to the receiving individual. Common greetings include:

  • “Merry Christmas”
  • “Happy Holidays”
  • “Happy Christmas” (Popular in the United Kingdom and Australia)

Choose a greeting that both works for the overall mood of your card and also sounds similar to your tone of voice. After your opening greeting, your personal message to the individual or family begins.

Personal Messages

Personal messages are one of the most important parts of your Christmas card as they are what your loved ones remember. Make sure that your personal messages both touch on something happening in your friends’ or family’s lives and that the message is heartfelt. These messages can include details on a recent promotion, a new addition to the family, and anything else important from the last year. Take your time when writing personal messages. It’s a good idea to start drafts of your messages in advance so you have time to add anything you think of later.

Holiday Quotes or Christmas Wishes

Holiday quotes and Christmas wishes are a great way to start wrapping up your Christmas card and to add a little Holiday cheer. These quotes and wishes can be taken from the Bible, popular Holiday movies, Christmas songs or stories, or anything else you love. For specific details on which wishes to use see our resource on Christmas card messages and wishes.

A Signed Ending

The most important thing about singing a Christmas card is that it’s done by hand. Even if the rest of your card is printed, you should personally sign the card in ink.

Also, try to choose a sign off that is appropriate for the recipient. For example, if it’s for a professional relationship, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” will do. For friends and family, “Much Love” and “Yours Truly” make better endings.

Family Photos, Holiday Pictures, or Merry Christmas Images

It’s popular to include a photo of you and your family or to send out holiday photo cards for Christmas. Friends and family love getting photo cards that they can hang or display around holiday time, and these cards also make great keepsakes. Do your best to schedule a day during the year to take these family photos. Coordinate with your family so that you’re dressed in a certain theme or color. These planned photos will help make your Christmas cards stand out among the rest.

How to Craft the Best Christmas Cards

Each family may have different traditions when it comes to Christmas cards, but everyone should follow the same etiquette guidelines. To make it easy, we’ve collected the most important etiquette rules to follow. Find them below to streamline your Christmas card writing.

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  • Strike a balance between hand written and printed Christmas messages. Handwriting messages makes your cards look more personal and heartfelt, but you may want to stick to printed messages if your handwriting is a little messy.
  • Write in blue or black ink only. Colors besides blue or black can make your card look messy or tacky. And try to steer clear of non-ink writing instruments: pencil or marker are great ways to ruin an otherwise beautiful card.
  • Address the recipient how they would prefer to be addressed. Make sure that you follow the proper titles, especially when you’re less familiar with that person.

Tips and Tricks: How to Write a Christmas Card

If you’re looking for a few holiday secrets to make your Christmas card writing go a little more smoothly, look no further. Here are our recommendations when writing Christmas and holiday cards:

  • Make sure you have enough Christmas cards to go around. Plan on ordering extra cards (around 20 or so). This will ensure that you have extra in case any are ruined, lost, or if you remember more friends or family to send cards to in the future. Plus, extra cards are perfect for saving for the future so you can look back on how much your family has grown and changed.
  • Keep an ongoing Christmas mailing list. If you update it throughout the year you won’t find yourself panicked during the Holidays and scrambling to find addresses.
  • Keep the messages short and sweet. While you should make sure that all important information is there, try to exclude any frivolous sentiments. Just write what matters to you and the person receiving the card.
  • Make it into a family activity. Writing, addressing, and sending Christmas cards can develop into a fun and merry family tradition. Enlist the help of your loved ones for future family memories.
  • Take your time, but plan ahead. Give yourself more time than you think you need so stress won’t rear its ugly head. The key to enjoying all the holiday cheer is to organize and plan a card-making schedule.

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Christmas Card Messages and Resources

If you’re looking for additional Christmas card resources you can read our piece on Christmas Card Messages and Resources. Or you can browse our Christmas card collection to find the right card and stationary for you and your family.

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