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How to Take a Good Picture of Your New Baby

Baby Announcement Tips

Photo birth announcements are a great way to share the arrival of your little bundle of joy with friends and family, but they often stress parents out as they struggle to take the perfect snapshot to make their photo birth announcements really sparkle.

To help you avoid the perils of taking your own pictures for photo birth announcements, here are five simple tips and tricks from our professional photographers to help you take the perfect snapshot for your photo birth announcements.

  1. The best photo birth announcements have a high pixel count. Even if you don't know much about cameras, you can easily set your personal camera to the highest resolution possible to ensure a stunning photo.
  2. No matter how cute your little one looks in a dark, blurry or grainy picture, do not use any low quality photos in your photo birth announcements under any circumstances. Dark, blurry or grainy photos almost always ruin the overall look of your photo birth announcements.
  3. Use your camera's focus to the best of your ability. Most cameras' auto focus features will adjust your image based on your subject's contrast with the background, so try to choose a simple setting as the backdrop of your photo birth announcement picture.
  4. Catch the light in your baby's eyes by positioning him or her in front of a large window or other light source, or just by using your camera's flash. Getting that special twinkle in your baby's eyes can make all the difference on your photo birth announcements!
  5. Make sure the photo you select has the right amount of contrast. You don't want your baby washed out by too low of a contrast with the background, but you also don't want harsh lines and shadows to overtake your photo birth announcements. Use the lighting wisely to ensure that your photo comes out looking clean and professional.
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