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Top 5 Props to Add Charm to Your Child's Photo Card

Birthday Party Invitations

Sending photo cards as birth announcements or birthday party invitations is a great way to add fun and flair to any big celebration. But as your child gets older, you might consider adding a little more personality to your photo cards than a simple, posed picture can provide. Here are our favorite ideas for adding a few extra touches to your child's photo cards this year:

  1. Include your child's favorite unconventional toys in his or her photo cards. Does everyone know that your little one loves to play with cell phones? Steal a quick snapshot of him or her having a quick chat on your cell for a photo card that's sure to earn oohs and aahs from all your friends.

  2. For a stylish, unique and positively darling photo card idea, sit your baby in front of a full length mirror and have your camera ready! You can get some artistic shots of your little one playing with her reflection.

  3. If you are sending birthday invitation photo cards, play with the idea of age by snapping shots of your toddler in the driver's seat of your card, paying bills or walking in the door wearing a hat and carrying a briefcase. The text on your photo cards can read, "They grow up so fast!"

  4. Oversized items always emphasize how tiny and sweet your little ones are. Give your daughter a pair of your high heels and snap a few shots for an adorable finished photo card.

  5. Nothing could be super than a sweet snapshot of your child with the family pet—especially if you have puppies or kittens! Take a picture of them napping or playing together for truly adorable photo cards to enjoy for years to come.

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