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Top 5 Ways Create a Priceless Baby Photo Card

Holiday Photo Cards from Tiny Prints

The parents of children of all ages love to send photo cards to show off their little ones to family and friends. Photo cards offer a chance to share your pride and joy with the world, creating an adorable memory that will last for years to come. Part of the fun of sending a charming little photo card involves taking countless pictures of your kids in your search for the perfect photo. If you are looking for a fun new way to immortalize your little ones in photo cards for the holidays, birthdays or other special occasions, try some of the ideas on this list of the best unexpected expressions to capture on film for a priceless photo card.

  • New foods. Give your little one a taste of ice cream for the first time and have your camera ready! He or she will light up, making an adorable photo card

  • Giggles. If your baby always laughs uncontrollably at a certain song you sing or a funny face you make, be sure to capture that little chuckling face with your camera! Nothing makes a more blissful photo card than a giggling baby.

  • New objects. Prop your little one up on the couch and hand over a brand new object. Your baby will look at it with amazement, creating a precious moment to use on your next photo card.

  • Funny noises. It's often difficult to get your baby to look up at you (especially when you hand them something new and exciting!), so practice making strange noises that capture your baby's attention. Your little one might even cock his or her head to the side in a confused expression that makes an incredibly sweet photo card for any occasion!

  • Snow. A great winter or holiday photo card idea includes handing your baby a snowball or a piece of ice. You can use your child's reaction to the cold to write a cute little message on your card, like "Wishing You Warmth and Joy this Holiday Season."

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