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Top 5 Worst Ways to Embarrass your Kids Using Photo Cards

Photo cards can be the ultimate tools of embarrassment. Parents might think they are creating a classic holiday photo card by forcing the family to wear matching Christmas sweaters, but usually these cheesy photo cards come back to haunt the entire family like the ghost of Christmas past! And, what's more, parents notoriously use embarrassing snapshots on birth announcements, birthday party invitations and other photo cards that their kids will inevitably look back on with a mixture of shame and confusion. To help you create photo cards that your kids will love, we've collected a list of the five most loathsome photo card pictures that you should avoid at all costs:

  • The Bathtub Photo. Every time a parent chooses to put a picture of their kids in the bathtub on the cover of a photo card, they should stop for a moment and think about how their little ones will feel about the image when they are teenagers. If you wouldn't want your little girl's naked bum on the cover of a photo card when she's sixteen, why would you put it out there when she's six?

  • The Potty Picture. Like a bathtub snapshot, a picture of your child going potty is wholly inappropriate for a photo card. Even if it took two years to get him to learn the intricacies of potty training, a photo card is not the place to celebrate his achievement!

  • The Sloppy Snapshot. Sure, your toddler looks adorable covered in chocolate cake, baby powder, mud, finger paint or whatever else he or she gets into, but do you really want to immortalize your child as "the messy kid" among your friends and family? Think twice before sending out a photo card with a picture of your little one covered in anything but kisses!

  • The Pouting Picture. Most parents have a cute collection of pictures of their kids when they are sticking their tongues out at each other, crying in the lap of Santa Claus or refusing to smile and pose in their Halloween Costumes. Don't indulge these temper tantrums in a public way! Steer clear of pouting pictures on your family photo cards.

  • The Floppy Photo. Newborn babies are all adorable, but you always want to capture your little one in the best light possible for his or her debut on a photo card. Select a picture in which your newborn is alert, active and energetic, not flopping over on the couch!

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