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Professional Tips for Picture Perfect Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

Choosing a picture for your photo birth announcement can be stressful enough, but add in the task of selecting a design and choosing your own message and some parents get downright confused. Soothe your photo birth announcement troubles with these fun and easy tips from our stationery professionals and ensure that your photo birth announcements are as sweet and stylish as your new baby!

When trying to pair a snapshot with your photo birth announcement design, two major factors to consider are color and scale. If you have a photo birth announcement design already picked out, consider the following while you sort through your picture options:

  • Brightly colored photos usually pop more when paired with photo birth announcements that are muted in color. As a result, pair a bright snapshot with a pastel photo birth announcement to get the most out of your colorful images, and vice versa.
  • Avoid using a sepia toned image on a chocolate-colored photo birth announcement. The brown hues often take on different shades during the printing process and might not complement each other.
  • Incorporating the accent colors in your photo birth announcements into your snapshot can be a great way to tie the entire look together. But be wary of using the photo birth announcement's dominant colors in your picture since you don't want the entire look to be too monochromatic.
  • Black and white photos generally work better with blue photo birth announcements. Using a black and white photo with other colors (yellow in particular) can often create a dingy effect. Make sure you like the contrast between your black and white photos and colored photo birth announcements.

When considering the scale of your photo, close up shots from the chest up tend to work better than full length photos. The closer pictures capture more of the cute details of your newborn's face and hands, which almost always make for adorable photo birth announcements. Especially if your photo birth announcement has a smaller photo box, consider focusing your snapshot on your infant's face to get the best results. Ultimately, however, if you have a cute design and a good quality photo, almost any combination can work!

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