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Commemorate Your Baby's Birth with Printable Birth Announcements

Perhaps few events are as exciting and joyous as the birth of a new baby, and birth announcements are the perfect way to share the details of your baby's arrival with your family, friends and colleagues.

Birth announcements include everything from the name of your newborn to the time that they were born, their weight and height and the place where they were born. Birth announcements are a special way to celebrate your baby's birth and can also be saved as a keepsake to give to your child in future years.

With advancing technology, new parents have many more options when selecting and designing birth announcements than in years past. Two of the most popular forms of birth announcements are customized birth announcements and printable birth announcements. With customized birth announcements, you choose an announcement design, provide your newborn's information to a professional printer, and they will produce the announcements for you.

Blank birth announcements, on the other hand, allow you to choose the pattern and style that suits your preference and use your home computer and printer to produce your birth announcements.

A photo of your newborn adds an extra personal touch and can be included in either of the above styles of birth announcements. This allows your friends and family members that live across the country the opportunity for a first glimpse of your beautiful newborn.

Blank Birth Announcements - What Should I Include?

Imprintable birth announcements allow you the freedom to choose the style of wording and message you prefer as well as the information you want to include.

The following is the information typically included in imprintable baby announcements:

  • Baby's name
  • Date of birth
  • Parents' names

Some optional information that you may want to consider including in your imprintable baby announcements includes:

  • Birth weight and length
  • Time of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Siblings names

Advantages of Imprintable Birth Announcements

One advantage of using blank baby announcements is that you can order them in advance of the birth. By choosing blank imprintable birth announcements, you also avoid the waiting time involved with a professional printer which means you can take your time creating a mailing list and addressing and stamping envelopes.

Knowing your baby's gender prior to the birth will help you in choosing a style and color for your blank baby announcements. For example, you might choose blue or green for a boy and lavender or pink for a girl. If you decide to wait until after the birth to find out the baby's gender, you might wish to choose yellow or another neutral color to be on the safe side.

Whether the new addition to your family is a little boy, a little girl, or both, a birth announcement is a fun and practical way to share your happiness with your loved ones!

To view some examples of birth announcements, browse our entire birth announcement collection.

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