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Paper Quality

...for birth announcements and other baby stationery

There is a wide variety of paper quality used for stationery, including 100% cotton, premium wood pulp or handmade. Choosing the finest quality paper will ensure that your stationery will stand the test of time and look as beautiful generations from now as the day it was sent.

Until the 19th century, all paper was hand-made primarily from cotton and linen rags resulting in paper with great strength and durability. As demand for paper increased, ground wood, which was much more abundant than rags, was introduced as a fiber for paper-making. Although paper became more widely available, the acidity level in wood fibers caused paper to become weaker and less permanent.

Today, wood-based paper manufacturers have raised paper quality and longevity by isolating the substance that makes the paper acidic. Today, acid-free wood-based papers are available with durability equal to cotton-based papers.

Types of Paper:

Standard Paper

Made from wood pulp and provided in various weights for social stationery, standard paper is the most common type of paper.

Bristol Paper

Used in heavier stock announcements and invitations, heavyweight paper is made by layering or laminating papers together to the desired thickness.

Bond Paper

Made from cotton, chemical wood pulp or a combination of both, this grade of paper is used for stationery and business forms and has superior strength relative to its weight.

100% Cotton Paper

Stationery makers once made paper from collecting old cotton rags called "rag paper." One-hundred percent cotton paper is strong and lasts for years. Some stationery, such as wedding invitations, Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations and birth announcements still use cotton paper made from fresh, unprocessed cotton.

Paper Acidity

Measured in PH, paper acidity refers to the acid content in paper at the time of manufacture. Excess acidity decreases a paper's permanence and longevity. Paper that is designated non-acidic or 0 pH level or acid free excludes acidic contents in the manufacturing process, which makes it great for keepsake stationery.

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