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4 Steps for Selecting the Perfect Baby Shower Invitation!

Just the words "baby shower" evoke memories of giggles, games and good times. Everyone looks back fondly on these chances to share in the arrival of a loved one's baby, but they all forget how much work goes into creating a fun and fabulous event. A busy hostess often finds herself stressed out over finding the right theme, venue and style for the event. To top it all off, she even has to find perfect baby shower invitations

But, although baby shower invitations might seem like a small detail in the party planning process, finding the right baby shower invitations can actually relieve a lot of stress. The perfect baby shower invitation can help inspire the rest of the party in a variety of ways, from color to theme and everything in between! So when shopping for baby shower invitations for your favorite mom-to-be, keep the following in mind:

  1. Consider the mother's taste. Since the baby shower is being thrown in her honor, select a baby shower invitation that reflects her personal style regardless of whether or not it matches yours!
  2. Take care to remember your guests list. Are your baby shower invitations primarily going out to young, hip friends of the mom-to-be, or do her chic and sophisticated relatives dominate the guest list? If you have a lot of relatives on the list, an overly modern baby shower invitation might not receive the best reception. Keep the tastes of your guests in mind, and try to find a cute baby shower design that matches the future mother's style without overwhelming any guests who might be more conservative or refined.
  3. Keep the baby in mind. Has the mom-to-be announced the baby's gender? If so, consider selecting a baby shower invitation accordingly. Let's face it— boy baby shower invitations featuring tractors and airplanes won't necessarily work for a cute little baby girl, and girl baby shower invitations won't necessarily work for a boy (unless his parents are incredibly progressive!).
  4. Think quality. Choose a baby shower invitation not just for the color, font and layout—think about how guests will feel when they open the envelope. Will that particular baby shower invitation give them goose bumps because it is so sweet? Will your baby shower invitations encourage everyone to put them up on the fridge or mantle because they are so beautiful? That's the kind of reaction you need from your baby shower invitations in order to get everyone excited for your shower, so shop with an eye for excellent quality that will really make your guests list melt!

These four key guidelines for baby shower invitation shopping will help you impress both the mom-to-be and all her friends and family with your chic style as the hostess with the mostest!

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